Project Description

Wooden Amish Pavilion

Installed in the Fall 2016, this wooden amish pavilion was built to enhance the Lancaster County tourist experience at Aaron & Jessica’s buggy rides.

A Rendezvous for Relaxation & Protection

The pavilion provides a great place to relax. Often the visitors need to wait for a bit until the next buggy ride is available. While they wait they can rest and stretch their legs at the picnic tables or sit down for a refreshing lunch meal.

Beyond relaxation, the pavilion also protects the visitors from the weather. Before the pavilion was installed the customers lacked shade from the burning sun during the summer month. Plus they did not have a good place to stay dry during more dreary days. Now they can sit down and enjoy their waiting time as they anticipate their drive through traditional Amish Country.

This Amish Pavilion has you covered!

This is not a ragtag cheap building, but rather it is a strong piece of architecture, providing a quiet, safe, and meaningful atmosphere. The sitting area is beside the busy Route 340. With a place to sit away from the traffic, the experience can be quieter. Also it is more than a building made for practical uses; it was designed with purpose and for beauty. The strong solid posts and beams speak of majestic strength. The curved braces have a sense of elegance. The open gable and ceiling provide an open atmosphere. And the cedar shakes have a traditional look and bring a delightful cedar smell. This pavilion is meant to help anyone enjoy their time in Lancaster County Amish Country.

Millions of tourists visit the Intercourse and Bird-in-Hand area every year to visit the Amish of Lancaster County.  Many of these visitors come to experience the traditional culture centered in Bird-in-Hand and Intercourse, PA. Designed and manufactured by our Amish & Mennonite employees at Lancaster County Backyard, we were more than happy to build this AMISH PAVILION for Aaron and Jessica’s Buggy Rides. It is an amish contribution to visiting tourist who come to enjoy and witness the amish way of life — our gift to the millions who will visit Lancaster County in the future.




  • 20’L x 14’W x 13’2″H
  • low-slope 5′ pitch roof
  • 2″x6″ rafters, 2′ on center
  • 1″x3″ roof lath

Quality Specs:

  • heavy timber structure
  • rot-resistant pressure-treated southern pine materials
  • laminated beams and posts
  • laminated curved braces
  • powder-coated stainless-steel post anchor brackets
  • powder-coated stainless-steel rafter and beam angle brackets

Special Features:

  • natural non-stained wood look
  • custom height to match adjoining covered bridge
  • spacious open ceiling
  • enhanced open gable truss beam. More examples of open gale truss beams.
  • tradition cedar shake roof

Location & Source

This amish made pavilion is located between Route 340 and the covered bridge at Aaron & Jessica’s Buggy Rides. This is between Bird-in-Hand, PA and Intercourse, PA and only minutes away from the middle of Lancaster County’s tourist attraction. Aaron & Jessica’s Buggy Rides on Google Maps. The pavilion was designed and built by us i.e. Lancaster County Backyard. Our manufacturing facility is located in Kinzers PA on South New Holland Road, a few miles southeast of Intercourse. Lancaster County Backyard on Google Maps.

Other Amish Pavilion Options

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