Project Description

Amish Portable Gazebos

Whether it is a simple Octagon Portable Gazebo, or a large rectangular gazebo for commercial spaces, Lancaster County Backyard loves to take the ideas you might have for your space and create a backyard you and your family can really enjoy! Here you find an example of on of our small Amish portable gazebos built in our manufacturing facility in Lancaster County, PA. From there, we deliver our portable gazebos to customers in PA, NJ, NY, CT, DE, VA, WV and some states beyond.

All of our AMISH PORTABLE GAZEBOS are a work inspired by the differing needs of our customers. In this Portable Gazebo example it is located at a commercial property but is a typical design of our basic octagonal gazebos which many homeowners choose for a small backyard getaway.

Features of this Amish Portable Gazebo Include:

  • 12′ Octagon Gazebo
  • This is from our Vinyl Gazebos line with Vinyl Post and Railing
  • Cupola or the standard Amish Portable Gazebo
  • Optional Victorian Braces
  • 36″ High Turned Balusters
  • Pewter Gray Roof
  • Grey Amish Portable Gazebo Floor

How to Buy Amish Portable Gazebos

If you want to buy now, then give us a call at (267) 638-6983 or visit our quote request page by clicking on the link below. We will send you a full estimate including delivery and optional features you choose for your Amish Portable Gazebos.
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See More Optional Features for Amish Portable Gazebos

There are many options to choose from in our Amish Portable Gazebos for sale from our PA facility, but here are a few.

Roof Options for your Portable Gazebo:

Amish Portable Gazebos Roof OptionsVarious Shapes you can Choose From:

portable gazebo shapes for amish-built gazebos

Colors to choose from for the siding and floor:

siding colors for portable gazebos

Siding Materials

gazebo floor design materials

Floor Materials

Our Portable Gazebo Shingle Colors:

portable gazebo shingle colors

Post Styles to choose from:

portable gazebo post styles

Braces to garnesh those posts:

brace styles for amish portable gazebos


Ready to buy your own Portable Gazebo?

If you’re ready to purchase a gazebo to garnesh your backyard or business, get in touch with Lancaster County Backyard. Even if you’re just planning or need few ideas, we’ll be glad to help. You can call us at (267) 638-6983, or get a quote online.