Project Description

Luxury Poolside Pergola

Take a look at how beautiful this luxury poolside pergola looks. It is the centerpiece of this backyard pool area designed for parties with friends and family. Imagine the breeze of the summer hitting your face while you sit under the pergola.

What the benefits of a backyard pool pergola?

The primary benefit of a backyard pergola is how much you’ll yourself in your backyard! That sounds appealing, right? Do what makes you happy—maybe even lead the way in your neighborhood at the same time! Here are just a few benefits and uses for a pergola such as this:

  1. Me time.
  2. Family gathering.
  3. Party events.
  4. BBQ pool time.
  5. A Wedding? Yes, a wedding!

We’ll let you decide what you would like to do with your pergola!

Lancaster County Backyard offers pergolas in two materials: wooden pergolas and vinyl pergolas. Whatever you decide it will be superior high-quality craftsmanship. Take a look at your backyard shape, color, surrounding area and choose the best fit. If you’re still not sure about the kind of pergola you should choose, Contact us or give us a call at 267-638-6983 during our office hours.