Dodecagon Heavy Wood Gazebo From Amish Builders in PA

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Dodecagon Heavy Wood Gazebo

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If you are looking for a HEAVY WOOD GAZEBO IN PA, you have found a good place. These heavy duty construction structures are strong. We use heavy southern pine beams and framing for solid and tough design. In fact they are so strong that we can build them to be quite large before we need to worry about structural failure. We build them to be up to 28 feet wide or even wider upon request. These heavy gazebos are also lasting. After we build them in your backyard or park area it will be a long time before you will need another one. High traffic areas are a great place to put these beautiful giants. They will not wear or break for a long time.

What Sets the Dodecagon Heavy Wood Gazebo Apart?

Unlike our other wood gazebos which have 4 or 8 sides these heavy wood gazebos have 12 sides. This gives many more possibilities which are almost limitless.

  • Great for heavy duty situation such as parks, schools, municipalities
  • Great for high traffic areas
  • Heavy duty construction
  • 12 sided design
  • Customizable sizes
  • Customizable styles
  • Ideal for large sizes (28 feet round or more)
  • Available in either traditional unpainted pressure treated wood or in stained or painted pressure treated wood.

If you are looking to go big and looking for a structure to inspire this is a great option.

The Dodecagon: 12 Sided Wood Gazebo

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With its 12 sides this heavy wood gazebo in PA has numerous possibilities. Customization is almost limitless and inhibited only by space and imagination. We can build a gazebo on the small side for a community park or quite large for a commercial park. On top of that you can add a double roof or even a triple roof plus put a cupola on top of everything.

This 12 sided design lends itself to easy expansion. It is easy to expand where more room is needed. Even when it reaches big sizes such as 28 feet it is still fairly round. It makes for a great centerpiece and has no sharp bulky edges. The 12 sided idea is for those who want something big and significant.

Quality Heavy Wood Gazebos in PA, NY, NJ, MD, DE, & Beyond

When we build and design a heavy wood gazebo in PA, NY, NJ, MD, DE, and beyond, we build with quality in mind and to meet high standards. It is our goal to produce a structure that you can be proud of. If we can offer the quality we desire and make you happy with one of these giant beauties we will be more than satisfied. Of all our hardtop gazebos these heavy timber structures are the most rewarding. Our aim to do the hard work so that you can relax. So let us know what you need and then kick back and enjoy. RELAX AND ENJOY THE QUALITY!

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