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We have compiled a list of gazebo FAQs for your convenience. From our decades of experience (since 1978) in building backyard structures, many questions have come our way. Below you will find a list of some of the frequent questions. At Lancaster County Backyard we, work hard to provide quality gazebos and outstanding customer service. These FAQs are one of our services to those interested in adding beauty and meaning to their backyard.

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Interaction with our customers is no small matter. We take that interaction seriously. It is more than building a gazebo; it is about making customers happy. To make our customers happy, it is important for us to be transparent and clear on expectations. The following Gazebo FAQs help with that. You can find answers to many of your questions regarding installation, procedures, and monetary transactions below.

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Use www.mapquest.com to determine the miles from Kinzers, Pennsylvania (zip 17535) to your address; use the “Shortest Time” setting under “Routing Options.” Then subtract twenty (20) miles from the total miles (first twenty miles free). Multiply the resulting number by $3.70 to get an approximate delivery charge. However, the actual charge may be different if the calculated route cannot be used due to a wide load, if escorts are needed, if out of state permits are needed, or the gazebo needs to be built on site.

The gazebo is normally assembled at the shop and brought to your location on a truck and trailer. The truck and trailer are then backed into your yard to the point where you want the gazebo, the trailer is tilted, and the gazebo is slid off the back of the trailer.

If space or ground conditions do not permit delivery of a fully assembled gazebo to your site or if you wish to build your own base instead of using our gazebo floor we can bring the gazebo as a kit instead and assemble it on location. A gazebo is built differently when we need to deliver a kit and the on site labor is less efficient than building the gazebo at the shop so we need to charge more when we build a gazebo on site. Gazebos with no floor (you provide a deck or patio base) are always built on site. We can send a crew to build kits at your site hundreds miles from Intercourse, Pennsylvania.

Gazebos can sometimes be lifted into place with a crane if access to the location is too narrow. We do not supply a crane, however.

To activate an order for a gazebo, we need 30% of the order total, including tax and delivery. We accept cash, check, Visa, Discover, and Master Card. Instructions for deposit will be included in the estimate.

The balance for the gazebo is due on the day of delivery. We will confirm arrangements for payment of the balance due before the gazebo is delivered. If you wish to pay by credit card we normally authorize the payment before delivery, then process the charge when the delivery has been completed. If the gazebo is being shipped as a kit via common carrier the balance needs to be paid before the gazebo leaves the shop.

A gazebo order may be cancelled for a full refund before the order has been processed at the shop. The amount of refund after the order has been processed depends on the order itself and the amount of work that has been done on the order at the point of cancellation.

Grass areas are seldom level enough to set a gazebo without any preparation. The gazebo may be set on a concrete pad, patio, deck, or bed of crushed stone. A good way to prepare a foundation is to cut out 4″ to 6″ of sod and fill it with ¾” crushed stones. You will likely want to frame the pad with timbers if the ground is not level since you will then need to dig deeper at some places and may need to hold the stone in place on one of the sides. The foundation needs to be level for your gazebo to be level. To help prepare your site you may want to check with Eli Stoltzfus at Bedrock Foundations (484-712-8828), Gid Stoltzfus at Better Built Pads (717-629-0968), Jake Lantz at Firm Foundations (717-629-0689), or for the Lansdale area only Larry Bergey (484-336-9481).gravel-pad

We do not normally level a gazebo using blocks, though in some situations for smaller gazebos we can use blocks for leveling. Let us know in advance if you believe blocking may work for your situation. Three things apply in the event we agree to try to level your gazebo with blocks: (1) You will need to provide ample blocks and have them on site before the gazebo arrives, (2) you may need to pay extra for the time needed to block the gazebo, and (3) we will not return to reblock a gazebo that has settled after installaion.

The skids below the gazebo are used for transport. We can remove the skids during installation if requested at the time of purchase. The gazebo floor uses pressure treated wood that is ready for ground contact so the skids are not needed to protect the gazebo floor.

We do not have instruction manuals for gazebo kits, but can give phone support to help your crew assemble your gazebo if needed. Your crew will also need to provide some fasteners (e.g. screws & shingle nails) to complete the gazebo assembly.

Some areas require building permits for gazebos and others do not, so check with your local municipality if you have questions for your area. We have diagrams for gazebos that may be useful in the permitting process if you do find you need a permit (see gazebo specifications).

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