We know what it’s like to long for special places in our homes to enjoy the finer moments of life. Relationships strike at the core of who we are, but quality, life-giving relationships require time and space. If you’re thinking of creating a better backyard living space to cultivate connections with those closest you, consider the success of the following family from Rydal Pennsylvania (Abington Township).

backyard designs with pool and outdoor kitchen

1. Start with People

When our client considered what they wanted from their backyard living space, people rose to the forefront. How could they make a truly refreshing gathering space for those they loved? A pool provides opportunity for social activity, but people need food, warmth, and shelter, not merely water. No less significantly, people need beauty and variety, to feed the soul. All of these factor significantly into the type of structure(s) you place around your property, and the reason why our client selected a luxury outdoor paviliona place for people.

backyard getaway pavilion for outdoor living space

2. Set your Standard

Possessions are not the foundation of quality relationships, but you can show your loved ones how much you care by the way you invest in their surroundings. Anyone can order a prefabricated pavilion, but integrity seldom comes in a box. Instead of embracing mediocracy from mass production, why not build with materials of integrity, forged for grandeur, and made to last a lifetime? Clay colored vinyl, stone masonry, exotic rainforest wood, stainless steel hardware, copper roofing, high-tech entertainment centers are all options to consider. While you’re at it, why not claim for yourself a backyard design that includes both a pool and outdoor kitchen? How about a covered outdoor kitchen with a fireplace? Our client chose all of the above for their backyard, and more. Don’t settle for less with your outdoor living — the sky is the limit to your imagination.

luxury backyard getaway pavilion for high end outdoor living space

Bottom line: Spend within your means, and don’t take your stuff too seriously, but choose lasting quality workmanship over modern disposable manufacturing.

3. Forge your Partnership

Choosing a contractor to build and beautify your outdoor getaway can be taxing. How can you choose the right backyard builder? Look for marks of integrity, ingenuity, and customer-interest. Find someone who combines decades of experience workmanship in lavish and lasting outdoor structures with a commitment to ensuring that each customers’ personal objectives for beauty and creativity are being met. Each project should begin and end with integrity, which is exactly why we find so much fulfillment in meeting the wishes of so many families for their outdoor living spaces.

outdoor kitchen for backyard living space

What’s the result?

As we worked with our client to produce their perfect outdoor living space, the following requirements rose to the forefront. They wanted a spacious pool-side family backyard getaway pavilion at least 18 feet by 20 feet in size. Stone pillars, a knee wall with a sitting bench, fireplace with stone chimney were all included in the main structural elements. A custom luxury kitchen and entertainment center create a functional and pleasureful niche, while gas heaters provide warmth after a chilly spring dip in the pool. Instead of using mediocre lumber for the ceiling, our client’s chose exotic Brazilian Walnut Lapacho ceiling beams, assembled in a mesmerizing array. To top it all off, we included a insanely long-lasting and beautiful standing-seam copper roof.

The wood itself deserves a special mention. Brazilian Walnut Lapacho Pau Lope™ lumber from tropical South America forests experiences wide renown for being one of the hardest and most durable timber in the world. Because of the rigorous rain-forest conditions that form this exceptional lumber, it doesn’t decay in wet and weather like other wood. Besides, it’s aesthetic qualities place it in a class of it’s own.

Detailed Features

  • Clay-colored vinyl beams, posts and soffit
  • 3 ply 2×10 header wrapped in vinyl
  • Natural veneer stone pillars, knee wall w/ sitting bench, chimney
  • Custom kitchen & fireplace
  • Stainless steel and powder coated anchor brackets (to secure the structure to concrete piers)
  • Stainless steel plates connecting posts to headers (to gain strength against wind speeds)
  • 6×6 pressure treated posts wrapped in 8×8 fiberglass posts
  • 1×6 tongue and groove Tabebuia Spp. IPE ceiling
  • Standing seam copper roof

Your Turn?

Are you ready to launch into your own backyard living space project in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, New Jersey, or New York? We’d love to help you along the way! Please reach out by calling (267) 638-6983 or contact us to get started today.