Timber Frame Wedding Pavilion

When Mrs. McWhirt from Amissville, VA sought a venue for her wedding, she refused to settle for any mediocre structure. As soon as she saw the timber frame pavilions from Lancaster County Backyard, she knew it was the perfect fit. This beautiful timber frame pavilion now stands on a balmy plateau on her farm, serving both as a permanent testament to the exquisite event of her wedding, and as a venue for many happy memories to come.

Gorgeous Timber Frame Wedding Pavilion

Here’s what she has to say about the experience:

Here are a few highlights from the fabulous day, showing how the wedding pavilion played a principal role in this remarkable outdoor event:

The newlyweds bought the property last year with even greater intentions than celebrating their nuptials on their own farm. Their vision is to use the property and the pavilion to improve the lives of people with special needs by hosting workshops for families and training events for professionals. Their experiences with Lancaster County Backyard inspired another way of helping young adults explore career interests.

As referenced above, the weather was very wet and miserable when the time came for the construction of this pavilion, yet the team from Lancaster County Backyard labored tirelessly, even transporting the large beams by hand where the ground was too muddy to allow a truck to pass. Here are a few highlights of the raising of the pavilion:

30×60 Virginia Timber Frame Pavilion Construction

Features Of This Wedding Pavilion:

  • True Timber Frame Pavilion assembled with mortise and tenon joinery
  • Massive truces provide the main structure for the roof system
  • Curved knee braces housed in 8×8 timbers
  • Ribbed Metal Roof covering the tongue-and-groove roof decking
  • Warm Chestnut Stained Timbers
  • Timber Oil-Stained Roof Decking
  • Cupola w/ Large Finial

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