Cost of an Outdoor Pavilion

Jordan Slabaugh - January 18, 2023

Most people spend years dreaming about how they want their backyard space to look. Many hours are spent scouring the internet looking for the perfect pavilion. Somehow, you can still feel like you just don’t have the answers you are looking for. The cost of an outdoor pavilion is too often one of those unanswered questions. Unless you are submitting a specific quote request, you probably aren’t finding many answers on approximate pavilion costs.

We want this blog to give you the ability to advance your dreams into a reality. We want to give you a “ballpark” number for the common sizes that way you can dream and plan within your budget. Nothing is more frustrating than spending lots of time dreaming only to realize the price is completely outside of your budget.

Cost of an Outdoor Pavilion Price Chart

The pricing on this price chart includes our basic wood pavilion at the specified size.  It also includes us building the pavilion on site in Southeastern PA. This means we will send a crew out to your property and we will build your pavilion right in your backyard. These prices are provided to give you an approximate “ballpark” estimate of what it might cost to build a basic pavilion on your property.