Timber Frame Construction

It is no accident that timber frame construction has grabbed your tasteful attention. Timber framing offers you an irresistible and exceptional structure. In an age where construction has become more simplistic and cookie cutter, timber frame construction by Lancaster County Backyard stands just as distinctly majestic, strong, and proud as it has for past centuries.

We are thrilled to bring this age-old and artistic construction to your property with the following variations of timber frame construction. These variations are meant to whet your appetite with the potential possibilities for your future timber frame structure or addition.

timber frame construction porch

Timber Framing Construction Porch Pavilion

timber frame construction garage

Timber Frame Porch on Barn

timber frame construction near me

Narvon Run Timber Frame Construction

timber frame construction pa

Barn Front Timber Frame Construction

A storefront with timber frame construction in New Jersey

Mountain Valley Fine Wine & Liquors Storefront

interior beam frame in custom timber framing house project

Living Room Timber Frame

timber framing beam in interior custom kitchen ceiling

Timber Frame Ceiling Beams in Custom Kitchen


What kinds of custom timber framing projects do you offer?

Our most popular timber framing product is our timber frame pavilions, but we can also produce timber framing storefronts, barn fronts, interior beams, attached pavilions, and more. Get in touch to discuss your unique project!

What kinds of foundations are needed for timber frame pavilions?

We can fasten our pavilions on a variety of foundation types, though concrete piers are popular and somewhat preferred for outdoor structures.

Do you factory stain your wooden structures?

We do offer premier-quality stain in a variety of shades and colors. Although this service provides the most convenient staining option for your structure, it’s even better to wait for staining until three or four months after construction. Dryer wood receives stain better, though you don’t want to wait so long that oxidation becomes evident and the wood starts to gray. Ask us for more direction on the ideal staining procedure for your project.

Will the exposed posts and beams check over time?

A check is the name given to cracks that form on the surface of wood columns, and results from the outermost layers drying and contracting before the inner core. Checking is considered an inevitable feature of wood construction, and simply adds to the unique character of each piece of wood. For lumber that is less susceptible to deep checks, choose #1 Douglas Fir for your exposed wooden structure.

Do you use exclusively mortise and tenon joinery in timber framing?

Mortise and tenon is the architectural term for the joining of posts, beams, and braces using a tightly interlocking design that’s secured with wood pegs rather than metal fasteners. Projects that feature exposed beams with mechanical fasteners are typically classified as post and beam construction rather than timber frame. While mortise and tenon is preferred on our timber frame projects, depending on the design we may suggest the inclusion of hidden, minimal, or artfully integrated metal brackets and straps in order to maintain budgetary requirements, or produce a different kind of look.

What kind of lumber do you use for timber framing?

Most of our timber frame structures are forged from #1 Douglas Fir – a deluxe-quality lumber preferred by most people. If you are looking for another wood species, we offer hemlock as our main alternative. Both species provide a stunning visual appearance and are weather resistant. One inch solid oak pegs are used in the mortise and tenon joinery.