9 Fresh Garden Pergola Ideas

Jordan Slabaugh - December 11, 2023

garden pergola idea in manheim pa

According to wikipedia.org a pergola is “a garden feature forming a shaded walkway, passageway, or sitting area of vertical posts or pillars that usually support cross-beams and a sturdy open lattice, often upon which woody vines are trained. The origin of the word is the Late Latin pergola, which refers to a projecting eve.”

Garden pergola usually has an open lattice roof, giving partial shade below. The idea of the design is just that—partial shade while allowing air to circulate freely. As Wikipedia mentions, you may choose to plant vines to grow up and around the top, or you may simply let the pergola’s beauty shine through.

Now that you’re adequately informed, let’s look at 10 great garden pergola ideas! Along the way, we’ll show you some of the beauties we have available here at Lancaster County Backyard.

1. Put a Garden Pergola on Your Roof

What a great idea! Who says your city rooftop must be boring? Dress it up with plants, trees, and a garden pergola. Imagine having your own haven in the midst of the hustle and bustle. This downtown Lexington garden even has edibles, so it’s a true garden. Read the story of this unique garden vinyl pergola here.

2. Create a Plant Hanger Garden Pergola

The idea behind this pergola is to let some bolts exposed to create great places to hang plants. Depending on the type of plants you choose they could even help provide shade from the hot summer sun. Keep in mind that virtually any pergola can also be turned into a hanging plant paradise simply by screwing hooks into the pergola frame. Lovely!

3. Outdoor Kitchen Island Garden Pergola

Outdoor chef? Let us create your very own customized kitchen pergola. It can be a simple one like this or it could include your grill, smoker, or any other outdoor cooking accessory. Use your imagination!

4. Swing Garden Pergola

A garden pergola can take many shapes and sizes. As size goes this one is no giant but obviously some thought has gone into it. Notice the handy shelves on each side of the swing.

Just imagine a summer evening with a slight breeze. This swing fairly beckons you and your significant other.

5. Walk Through Garden Pergola

The beauty of a garden pergola is you can put it anywhere you like. This one creates a path.

It could be a path from your house to the garden, a path from the garden to your toolshed, or simply a path lined with lush greenery or flowers. Just imagine!

6. Hurricane Resistant Freestanding Garden Pergola

Ride along with Ron Hazelton to one of his “house calls”. You’ll learn some things in this great video, such as the practicality of a freestanding garden pergola. This one is anchored with three feet of concrete since it was built in hurricane country. This garden pergola isn’t going anywhere fast! Check it out here.

7. The Garage Door Pergola

Well this isn’t a garden pergola but let’s face it some people just love the pergola style. We’d be glad to help if you like the idea of putting a pergola like canopy over your garage door. You could even have vines growing over it, adding a nice garden pergola touch.

8. Garden Pergola Planter

This great looking pergola comes with it’s own built-in garden! Consider building planters into all four corners of your garden pergola!

9. Hot tub Pergola Getaway

Just looking at this setting is enough to make the stress melt away! Imagine a getaway like this in your backyard. Check out the Abpho website for more great pergola ideas

Now, let’s look at some of our creations below. Combine ideas from one or more of them, then add ideas either from the ten examples we looked at in this blog or form your own. Our quality craftsmanship and attention to detail is sure to satisfy! We will be glad to create the garden pergola of your dreams.

Wood Garden Pergolas

If solid wood is your thing you will love our collection of wooden garden pergola ideas! One look at one of these sturdy structures and we guarantee you’ll fall in love. Built to last and carefully assembled to the highest specifications. Check out these three examples:

Southern Pine Wood Garden Pergola

There’s just something about the clean, uncluttered look of southern pine. Make your backyard shine with one of these natural wood beauties.

Heavy Timber Wood Garden Pergola

Solid. Unmovable. Rugged. Sturdy. This quality heavy timber garden pergola brings all those words to mind and more. Unlike its modern cousin (the polished, see yourself in the mirror pergola) this is the way a timber-built barn would look. If the era of heavy-duty wood products built to last appeals to you this one’s for you!

Exotic Wood Garden Pergola

Did you know we have exotic wood pergolas available? With one of these pergolas you’ll have the best of both worlds…the old-time appeal of wood is combined with long-lasting rain forest lumber. This is a premium garden pergola idea!

Vinyl Garden Pergolas

Standard Vinyl Garden Pergola

Just think of what this could add to your backyard, deck, or pool area. This is a stand-alone garden pergola ideas that would look great anywhere! A vinyl pergola requires far less maintenance than it’s wooden counterpart. Check out our vinyl pergola page for more examples of our easy maintenance vinyl pergolas.

More Great Garden Pergola Ideas

We don’t have space in this blog to go into all the custom designs we have available. Again, you can combine any of the ideas we’ve seen with any idea you can come up with. If you can dream it we can build it! See our pergola gallery for more great pictures, then contact us.

We’d be delighted to make your garden pergola ideas a reality! Contact us.