Why Large Pavilions Are a Better Choice

Jordan Slabaugh - January 25, 2023

When purchasing a new pavilion, there are a few different factors to consider. Size is an important decision, and it may be tough to know what size is best for you. You may be considering a smaller pavilion to save a few dollars. However, there are plenty of great reasons to choose a larger pavilion, and in a lot of cases a larger pavilion is actually the better choice. 

What is a large pavilion?

So what is a large pavilion? While the answer can vary, for the sake of this article we’ll define a large pavilion as 12’ x 16’ or larger. Of course, there are pavilions much larger than this, and at Lancaster County Backyard, we offer pavilions up to 40’ x  80’. However you define a large pavilion, there are plenty of benefits to going bigger. Don’t sell yourself short!

wood frame large pavilion

What can I do with a large pavilion?

Whether you enjoy hosting parties in your backyard on warm summer evenings or eating brunch with your family on a sunny Saturday morning, a large pavilion is a perfect place for it. There are many other uses for a pavilion, and below are just a few ideas to stir your imagination. 

poolside vinyl pavilion

Outdoor Living Area

If your idea of a perfect summer evening involves enjoying the fresh, warm air with your family after a long day at work, then a pavilion is a perfect place to do it, as your own outdoor living space. There are plenty of health benefits to simply being outside, and if you have your own outdoor living area, you’re more likely to spend more time getting fresh air. So grab a book, play a game, or watch a movie all from your own large pavilion. 

lititz pavilion

Outdoor Kitchen and Dining Area

Speaking of your favorite summertime activities, enjoying good food is probably near the top of  the list.  Whether you consider yourself an amateur (or professional) chef, or simply like eating good food, building a pavilion large enough for an outdoor kitchen and dining area is something you won’t regret. 

large pavilion kitchen

Outdoor Entertainment Center

Enjoying food isn’t the only way to enjoy a pavilion. When making a choice about the size of your pavilion, consider the possibility of creating your own outdoor entertainment center. This may require a large seating area, along with enough space for your TV or projector screen and speakers. If gaming is your thing, then this could also be a perfect spot for your gaming setup.

vinyl pavilion interior

Hosting Events

Maybe you’re the type of person who enjoys hosting parties, or maybe are looking for something for larger events like banquets or outdoor weddings. If so, you’ll definitely need a large pavilion. There are many occasions in life that are worth celebrating. From birthdays to weddings, make the occasion truly special by hosting from your own pavilion.  

A Place for Entertaining Guests

Maybe hosting large events isn’t your thing, but you still like to have friends and family over occasionally. A pavilion is a perfect place to host smaller gatherings as well, perhaps for a pool party or a barbeque. However you like to host, make sure you build your pavilion big enough to accommodate future upgrades, like a full outdoor kitchen or more seating area. 
For more on how to use an outdoor pavilion, check out our blog post that features some great ideas for your next pavilion.

large timber frame pavilion interior

Why a large pavilion can make sense financially

Perhaps the biggest reason you would avoid a larger pavilion is because of the extra cost. While the upfront cost will be more the bigger your pavilion is, there are other financial factors to consider that could offset some of the extra cost. 

large pavilion fireplace

Added value to your home

If you purchase a quality, well-built pavilion, it will add value to your home if you ever decide to sell your property. While a pavilion doesn’t technically add square footage to your house, it in effect, does exactly that. Prospective buyers will see a pavilion as a major selling point, as long as it’s a high quality structure. Vinyl pavilions in particular will appeal to a large variety of buyers because of their low-maintenance, modern styling, and long life. 

Year-round use

If you live in a part of the country that experiences long winter seasons, you may be hesitant to spend your money on a structure only usable 6 months out of the year. While this is a valid consideration, there are ways you can make your pavilion usable 12 months out of the year. One way to do this is to add clear, plastic pavilion curtains to form temporary walls. Throw some wood in the outdoor fireplace or warm up the hot tub, and you’ll have a cozy place to enjoy the falling snow. 

fireplace in pavilion

An alternative to a home addition

Another way a pavilion can be a financially sound decision is that it could be a viable alternative to building an addition to your house. Obviously, a pavilion will not function like a living room addition to your house, but if you’re interested in hosting parties and other events but don’t have the space in your house, a simple addition of a large pavilion to your backyard could be a great way to save money.

pavilion seating area

Pavilion Styles LCB Offers

Vinyl Pavilions

A large, vinyl pavilion is a perfect choice for those who love modern styling in an easy to maintain package. You can upgrade these structures by adding a beautiful outdoor fireplace, classic wood ceilings, and copper roofing. These pavilions are a great, long-lasting option for those looking for their next outdoor getaway.

caribbean vinyl pavilion with outdoor fireplace

Timber-frame Pavilions

If you are someone who enjoys the classic, distinctive look of timber frame structures, then check out one of our timber frame pavilions. A large, timber frame pavilion is a perfect place to host events and guests for your next party. These structures offer a striking design that’s sure to impress you and your guests. 

large timber frame pavilion


There are many uses for a pavilion, and it’s important to plan ahead when making a decision on the size of a pavilion. Even if all you need right now is a small pavilion and don’t want to spend extra money on something larger, your needs may change in the future and you may wish you had built bigger. A large pavilion could be a perfect outdoor living space both now and for years to come.

Whatever pavilion you decide on, large or small, we would love to help with any questions you might have. Feel free to contact us at Lancaster County Backyard or get a free quote today!