Luxury Wood Gazebo

- April 11, 2022

outdoor luxury wood gazebo from lancaster county backyard

It’s been a long day at the office. You’re wound as tight as a clock. It would be a great evening to sit outside, prop up your feet, and let the breeze cool your brain (not to mention the rest of your body). If only you had a wooden hardtop gazebo. The sun’s shining a bit too energetically though, and you don’t need a burn on the outside added to the slow burn you’ve been experiencing inside.

Stop. Take the time to consider something new. Something luxurious. You’ve earned it. Take a look at one of our luxury wood gazebos. Architecture that’s older than you and a quality structure that’s built to outlast you (just think of all the use the kids and grandkids will get from it after you leave the scene!). And solid luxury you can not only see but feel.

Let’s take a photo tour of just one of our custom-built luxury wood gazebos. It’s the next best thing to actually propping up your feet in one. Keep in mind that your very own exotic gazebo is just waiting for you to speak the word. Gather ideas. Make a plan.

Heavy Timber Luxury Wood Gazebo

This was a very special project from the start. This customer had a beautiful, private mountain setting complete with a pool. The idea was to create a perfect hangout for family and friends. They opted for our heavy timber wood gazebo, and it was a great choice. Imagine something similar in YOUR mountain hideaway, or even in your backyard.

Here are some specifics for this wooden gazebo:

  • Roof slope is a steeper 6.5 rather than the standard 5
  • An overhang of 12” vs standard 6”
  • Double roof design
  • 6×6 header
outdoor luxury wood gazebo from lancaster county backyard

This Luxury Wood Gazebo is made to last!

Installing a Luxury Wood Gazebo

Because this wood gazebo is so large, its parts were prefabricated and then constructed on-site. It’s a 28-foot structure, with posts securely fastened to concrete rather than using the standard gazebo bottom rail. This gives a spacious pavilion-like feel to the structure, adding to its appeal.

Beautiful Prefab Gazebo Installation by Lancaster County Backyard

Intricate Details Matter on this Luxury Wood Gazebo

Designing at its very best! Notice the lighting strung up on the gazebo roof. Picture a dark, quiet night safely under your wooden gazebo. Your tension starts to fade; in its place comes the satisfaction you feel when submerging yourself in such peaceful surroundings.

roof design in luxury wood gazebo

A classic and spacious gazebo roof design garnishes this luxury structure.

Design the Outdoor Space of Your Luxury Wood Gazebo

A luxury wood gazebo can be greatly enhanced by what you include in its design, both of the gazebo itself as well as the forethought you put into the surroundings. Include a full kitchen with a built-in grill, or build a grill outside the gazebo as this customer did. One great thing about an open gazebo design such as this is on a nice day you and your guests can spill outside of the gazebo proper. Can’t you feel your troubles melt away as you relax with your family or friends?

luxury wood gazebo from lancaster county backyard

Personalize Your Luxury Wood Gazebo

Add your very own touch to your wooden gazebo. Maybe you want to add a sit-down bar with a rustic look like these folks did. Or you may want to go with a classier look that’s all your own. We put up the structure and they painted it to their taste. Keep in mind that we can do all the work for you, or you can finish on your own time and budget. Rest assured, when we build a luxury wood gazebo for you, your satisfaction is guaranteed!

luxury wood gazebo from amish builders in lancaster county

This artistic eating area is the perfect compliment to this spacious wood gazebo.

Contact us Now so We can Build YOUR Luxury Wood Gazebo

Whether you decide on a heavy timber luxury wood gazebo like the one in this project, a more traditional look, or a combination of ideas, know that any luxury wood gazebo we build for you will have three ingredients:

  • A Personal Touch
  • Quality Materials & Workmanship
  • Outstanding Warranty

Browse our gazebo gallery for more ideas, and start planning your luxury wood gazebo today!