Pavilion Kit Installed Free Guide to Installing a Timber Frame Pavilion

How to Install a Pavilion Kit – A Written & Visual Guide to Success

Does the thrill, the challenge, and the accomplishment of assembling one of these age-old, intricate beauties DIY inspire you?

If so, not only will you feel like a boss once you “single-handedly” install one of these stunning and sophisticated wooden crafts, but you will also save money at the same time!

Plus, the installation process is very straightforward and a Pavilion Kit installed is an asset to any outdoor space.

In this instructional blog, let’s first walk through the written step-by-step process of installing a pavilion kit. Following the written steps, enjoy viewing the visual guide as well.

In the end, your google searches for “pavilion kit installed”, will be answered!

pavilion kit installed an 8 step guide on how to install a pavilion

The Written 8 Steps to Installing a Pavilion Kit

Step 1. Laying Out the Post Locations

The first step in constructing a timber frame pavilion is laying out the exact post locations. Take a tape measure and mark each post location using the provided measurements. Check if the layout is square by measuring the diagonal distance from corner to corner. If both diagonal measurements are equal the layout is squared.

Step 2. Setting the Brackets & Posts

The next step is to set the post brackets and posts. Anchor each post base to the cement footers using two wedge anchors. Once this is complete attach each post to a base with structural screws.

set brackets and posts for timber frame pavilion kit installed

Step 3: Installing the Cross Beams & Supports

Step 3 involves installing the rafter plates and supports of the pavilion. Start by connecting the braces to the posts and insert temporary rods into the pre-drilled holes. Then set the rafter plates by aligning the posts and support braces to fit inside the mortise slots of the cross beams. After this is complete insert the supplied oak pegs to lock the mortise and tenon joinery into a rigid singular unit.

install cross beams and supports for timber frame pavilion kit installed

Step 4: Installing the Roof System

Next up in the installation process is installing the roof system. First, install the trusses or vents. Next, install the ridge beam. Finally, install the pre-cut wood rafters between the ridge beam and rafter plates.

set ridge beam for timber frame pavilion kit installed

Step 5: Installing the Roof Planks

Step five involves installing the roof planks. Begin by fitting the roof planks together with the tongue and groove joints. When they are properly placed nail them to the wood members underneath.

tongue and groove installation of the roof planks

Step 6: Installing the Roofing Paper & Drip Edge

The sixth step is installing the roofing paper and drip edge. Make sure the roof is smooth and free of any dirt and wood chips. Use a stapler or nailer to fasten the roofing paper and drip edge to the wooden roofing planks.

Step 7: Install the Roofing Material

The seventh and final step is installing the shingles or desired roof of your choice. Make sure the fasteners do not protrude through the roof decking.

install roof material for timber frame pavilion kit installed

Step 8: Enjoy Your New Timber-Frame Pavilion!

You did it! Way to go! Now that your stunning, new pavilion kit is installed, invite some friends over and enjoy the beauty of your new gathering space! Nothing beats the design and appeal of the Timber Frame Pavilion!

a beautifully finished timber frame pavilion kit installed

Watch the 8 Step Process of a Pavilion Kit Installed!

If you are more of a visual learner or if you appreciate both written and visual learning tools, enjoy watching a how-to video of a pavilion kit installed.

Watch the process in action and glean all the visual tips you can from Lancaster County Backyard’s installation of their Timber Frame Pavilion Kit!

Armed With the Right Tools

While the above written and visual steps offer great guidance in installing a pavilion kit, without the proper tools, the job is less than enjoyable.

The following list provides you with all the necessary tools needed for a successful and enjoyable pavilion kit installed. Many of these tools can be found at your local hardware or Home Depot.

Now that you are equipped with the right tools for the job, the next question is…do you have a timber frame pavilion kit?

Nothing Beats the Satisfaction of a Job Well Done!

Imagine sitting underneath the full shade of your very own stunning wooden pavilion.

As you relax in your favorite outdoor lounge chair, sipping ice-cold lemonade and chatting with friends, your eyes carefully sweep across the above woodwork.

One of your friends catches your eye’s path and soon gets swept along in the admiration. Before long they comment on the stunning beauty of your new Timber Frame Pavilion.

You smile and nonchalantly mention the fact that you installed the piece of finely crafted artwork.

Awed silence follows then broken by astonished and pleased praise from all your friends. Yes, the DIY project of installing a Timber Frame pavilion is no small feat and something you should indeed be very proud of!