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Rectangular Wood Gazebos Clean lines and square corners for a backyard sanctuary.

wood rectangle gazebo

We Don’t Cut Corners On Rectangle Gazebos

Our skilled craftsmen use quality materials and proven designs, resulting in a functional, beautiful, and long-lasting shelter. Our goal is to produce a wooden gazebo that you can buy with confidence.

We don’t skimp on the materials and design of this structure. We start by using pressure-treated rot-resistant 4×4 beams as the base. These beams support upright 2×6 floor joists that hold up the floorboards. This provides a solid foundation for the rest of the structure. 4×4 posts hold up the roof and keep the railing in place. The roof is made of long-lasting asphalt shingles, synthetic shingles, or wood shakes.

wood rectangle gazebo

Rose gardens at Elizabeth Park, in Hartford, Connecticut.

wood rectangle gazebo in pa

Small Rectangle Gazebo

rectangular wooden gazebos

12×18 Wood Rectangle Gazebo

We work hard to offer rectangular gazebos that are worth your time and money. The reasons we think we can offer this is:

  1. Amish Craftsmanship: We bring the rich Amish heritage into our products. Our employees have grown up in the local Lancaster County area in Amish or Mennonite homes. These homes have produced hard workers who are willing to go the extra mile in building our quality wooden gazebos for sale.
  2. Quality Materials: We use high-quality components with each gazebo we make. From the base to the roof, our goal is to provide a backyard structure that will last for years. Even our small parts, such as railing, braces, and corner pieces, add value to your wooden gazebo.
  3. Custom Built: We have a variety of sizes, shapes, colors, trim, and materials to choose from for your custom gazebo. We can mix, match, and tweak our options to make a gazebo that’s uniquely you!
  4. Delivery to Many Areas: Based in Lancaster County Pennsylvania, we serve a large area in the Northeast USA. We ship to PA, MD, DE, NY, NJ, and even beyond.


What’s the best way to care for a wood structure?

The milling of lumber creates an extremely smooth surface. Structures may be factory stained, but the best time to apply stain for longevity is approximately 3 months after installation. That way, the majority of checking will be exposed and the dryer, more porous wood will hold stain better. Check this blog post about “PRESERVING OUTDOOR WOOD

Will the stain color last on a wood structure?

We only use high-quality stains. Our basic stains have a lower pigment percentage compared to an even higher quality premium stain. The darker the stain, the more protection it offers and the longer it will last. Pergolas get the most exposure, and degradation faster compared to pavilions or gazebos.

Will the wood check on my structure?

Wood checking is part of the experience of owning a wood structure. Most checks appear in the first year after installing the pavilion, pergola, or gazebo. Inevitable checking is one of the reasons we recommend waiting until 3 months after installation to stain a structure. That way the stain can be applied while the wood is still fresh but after the majority of checking has occurred.

Do you offer a DIY kit?

Depending on your requirements, we could produce a kit for your structure. We don’t recommend DIY kits for these structures, however, as the building requirements can be complicated. Our builders are fast, efficient, and experts in their field. Give us a try!

To what areas do you deliver?

Our delivery area for most Pavilions, Pergolas, and Gazebos is 200 miles of our home base in Lancaster County, Pensylvania. This radius allows us to reach into most of Pennsylvania, all of Maryland, Deleware, New Jersey, much of Virginia, New York, and Connecticut. We deliver large Pavilions nationwide across the contiguous United States.