When it comes to creating spaces that are unique and homey, most of us can benefit from a creative boost. There are a ton of home design blogs out there, and so many of them are full of extraordinary ideas, photos, recipes, and more for making home a special experience. But where do you go for inspiration on your outdoor design? If you’re the type that enjoys living out-of-doors as much or more than living indoors, you may find your options for following good bloggers a bit more challenging. That’s because most of the home design blogs out there focus on interior design, with little or nothing to offer regarding exterior and yard design.

That’s why we created a roundup of some of the best bloggers on the web who are actively involved in making beautiful outdoor spaces and experiences—and writing about it. This is an exclusive list of blogs, and even includes some exclusive feedback from a few extraordinarily creative backyard enthusiasts.

As you explore the blogs in the list below, you’ll find an incredible collection of ideas and inspiration for making your home your own, including your yard and outdoor spaces. Whether you’re interested in making a space where you can relax and enjoy tranquility, capturing the beautiful weather with fun outdoor experiences for your family, creating memorable hosting experiences for your friends (or all of the above), these blogs are an incredible resource for getting your creative juices flowing!

Blogs you should read if you love outdoor living.

The bloggers below aren’t just good at design and passionate about homes, they love outdoor living. One nice thing about these bloggers is that so many of them are focused on helping you achieve your own unique style in your own unique spaces. Ready for this list? Let’s begin…

1. Thistle Wood Farms by KariAnne Wood1. Thistle Wood Farms by KariAnne Wood

Thistle Wood Farms is the endearing story of one families journey from a big bustling city to a sprawling farm life in Kentucky, and then back the house where it all started—the home where KariAnne grew up. All along the way she’s kept her readers up to date with their exciting journey, and there are plenty enough of creative projects and howto guides to go around. Here’s what KariAnne says is her favorite addition to her backyard:

The most significant difference we’ve made in our back yard is the addition of a focal point. Our backyard has a traditional design with four sidewalks leading up to a center circle. This arrangement needed a conversation piece—something that made a statement. We added a beautiful fountain with an aged patina and four tiers to tie the backyard design together. It’s still one of my favorite outdoor additions to our property. (See this project’s post.)

Thistle Wood Farms by KariAnne Wood Projects

A few projects from KariAnne. Read more on thistlewoodfarms.com


In My Own Style by Diane Henkler2. In My Own Style by Diane Henkler

Diane Henkler’s passion is helping people achieve, not just the look that they want in their homes, but mostly the feel of a home that uniquely reflects and compliments the style of each individual and family. For some inspiration on how to achieve this goal, check out her philosophy of style post, and for more great ideas about nifty backyard decorations, explore to her Outdoor Living blog.

Here’s what Diane has to say about the project that’s added the most to her backyard:

The project that we added to our backyard that has made the most impact is a DIY pebble patio firepit area. It was a fairly easy project to create using small stones and stacking stones bought affordably at the home improvement store.

We use the firepit in the fall, spring and summer. The kids like it to hang out with their friends roasting marshmallows and making smores no matter what the season.

After the kids go to bed, the adults enjoy gathering around it with drinks and good conversation late into the night.

See the firepit in this post: https://inmyownstyle.com/diy-marshmallow-roasting-forks.html

In My Own Style by Diane Henkler Ideas

A few ideas from Diane Henkler. Read more on inmyownstyle.com.


3. Rooms for Rent by Bre Doucette3. Rooms for Rent by Bre Doucette

In the Outdoor Living category, Rooms for Rent features a variety of tablescapes, outdoor décor, patio designs, summer recipes, and small DIY projects to spice up outdoor living areas. If you’re attracted to a “farm & country” style of decorating, definitely check-out Bre’s blog: https://roomsforrentblog.com/category/summer/

Rooms for Rent by Bre Doucette Ideas

Read more on roomsforrentblog.com


4. Modern Glam by Ashley Luengo

Ashley certainly has an eye for bright and festive spaces. As the name implies, you won’t find any dull colors on The Modern Glam. Prepare yourself for splashes of unique tablescapes, decorating and entertaining ideas, theme-inspired yards, and more as you follow Ashley’s summer-inspired blog: https://www.modern-glam.com/tag/summer/

A few of Ashley’s ideas. Read more on modern-glam.com.


5. Maison de Cinq by Sheila Irwin

It’s clear that Sheila loves to create beautiful spaces for hosting and entertaining. Maison de Cinq features “casual but chic” ideas and designs for entertaining guests, whether inside or out, with ideas for every season. In fact, Sheila’s gallery of tablescapes is so large that it deserves it’s own category on her blog, and is further broken down into holidays and seasons.

A few of Sheila Irwin’s ideas. Read more on maisondecinq.com.

To see how truly passionate Sheila is about creating unique experiences year-round, you’ll want to get her free ebook “A Calendar of Tablescapes”. It’s enough to make you want to invite yourself over to experience Sheila’s creativity yourself, or better yet, reproduce her creative flair with your own hosting events! Read more on her entertaining blog: https://maisondecinq.com/category/lifestyle/entertaining/

6. Jenna Kate at Home

From New England comes this delightful journey of a family’s quest to make their home satisfying and delightful. Featuring a splash of DIY projects and decorating ideas, Jenna Kate will give you advice on when to be frugal, and when to hire an expert. Her own journey of remaking their backyard is inspiring and delightful: https://jennakateathome.com/large-backyard-landscaping-inspiration/

A sample of Jenna Kate’s ideas. Read more on jennakateathome.com.


7. City Farmhouse by Jen O’Brien

For a bit of a different twist on outdoor life, Jen combines country ideas with city living on her blog, City Farmhouse. There are many delightful outdoor living ideas on here, including plenty of decorating and entertaining ideas organized by seasons. Check out Jen’s Summer and Fall blog posts, you won’t be disappointed.

A sample of Jen O’Brien’s outdoor design posts. Read more on cityfarmhouse.com


8. Shabbyfufu by Janet Coon

Janet lives in Miami, and shamelessly promotes her southern coastal lifestyle and design inspirations. You’ll feel the fresh ocean breeze across the internet as you browse through Janet’s lively collection of entertaining ideas, including table settings, menu ideas, and hosting advice in general.

A sample of Janet Coon’s ideas on shabbyfufu.com.


9. Lia Griffith

It all started with paper flowers at Lia Griffith, but it quickly grew from there as people all around the world were drew to Lia’s mantra: “everyone can be creative.” Lia is passionate about helping everyday people tap into their internal creativity through a tactile process. Lia’s site is a great place to go for craft ideas, and there’s plenty of creative outdoor living crafts and space ideas on her outdoor living blog: https://liagriffith.com/craft/living/outdoor-living-living/

A few of the many outdoor design ideas on liagriffith.com.


10. Not Just a Housewife by Stacy Risenmary

Stacy Risenmary is an exceptional blogger for outdoor living, because she loves getting dirty, hates shopping except at Home Depot, and loves being out of doors more than in. On Not Just a Housewife, you’ll find all sorts of ideas regarding patio décor, construction projects, gardening tips, and more!

Some of the many fun projects on notjustahousewife.net.


11. Remodelaholic by Chassity Smith

Chassity and Justin don’t just enjoy doing projects, THEY LOVE DOING PROJECTS. The Remodelaholic blog isn’t just about their own journey to transform their many house projects, they invite their readers to share the best of their ideas as well. The result is a collaborative creative space where all sorts of creative ideas reside, from homemade yard games to instructions on how to create a dreamy backyard.

A few of Chassity’s fun projects from remodelaholic.com.


12. Finding Home by Laura and Dana Putnam

From the Hudson Valley of New York comes this adorable family with their mission to create a warm and welcome home they can savor for themselves and share with others. Speaking of savory, on this blog you won’t just find some incredibly tasty ideas and tips for outdoor living, you can actually purchase the Putnam Maple Syrup they produce on their farm. What a delightful combination!

Some of the outdoor design ideas on findinghomefarms.com.