10x12 Cheyenne Wood Pavilion in Malvern PA

This gorgeous Cheyenne pavilion was installed on an equally beautiful property in the small town of Malvern, PA. A borough in Chester County, Malvern is known for it’s historical significance to William Penn and for having a total area of 1.3 square miles.

This 10×12 wood pavilion brings additional beauty and depth to an already serene atmosphere. Sheltering a private hot tub, this Cheyenne pavilion features large post to post spans, creating a wide-open feel to the space. The 12″ overhang provides additional protection while also giving the outdoor structure added flair and style.

This wood pavilion is stained mahogany flame and perfectly contrasts the radiant green foliage of it’s surroundings. The Williamsburg Slate roof brings a neutral balance to the structure accenting the wood and allowing it to take center stage. Adjacent to the pool, this pavilion ensures that there is a place to relax under regardless of the weather.

This Lancaster County Backyard pavilion brings the backyard into focus as a truly perfect place to sit back, relax, and enjoy the warmer months. Want to add a pavilion to your property? Check out our pavilions today!

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