Quality poolside Cedar Pergola in Collegeville, PA Cherokee Pergola

A Word from the Customer

When Jon, the owner of this cedar pergola, saw the quality of our buildings, he decided he will purchase both a pergola and shed. He wanted a pergola as a centerpiece to complement the surroundings and a shed to store his pool equipment and supplies. Consider his enthusiastic review:

Jon was a great customer to work with. He was happy to with the work performed by Lancaster County Backyard. Now he has a pergola that he can enjoy for years to come.

What is a pool without a backyard centerpiece?

Backyard pools are a great experience. Without a centerpiece, however, they can be incomplete. Providing a great place to sit and relax after a dip, a wooden pergola enhances the pool experience.

In the summer of 2016, the owner of this cedar pergola contacted Lancaster County Backyard. He already had a swimming pool installed in his backyard, the swimming pool was incomplete by itself. Looking for more than a place to hang a swing, he wanted to make his backyard beautiful and enjoyable for any occasion. What he wanted was a decorative pergola to complete the backyard.

Benefits of a Cedar Pergola

Cedar wood is a superior wood for ornate and long-lasting constructions. First of all, it is some of the most durable wood available because it resists rot and insects very well. Additionally, it does not even warp or crack like the long-lasting pressure-treated southern pine. With its tight grains that are hard to penetrate, it is a naturally stable wood that is great for outdoor use. Finally, it exudes the smell of a deep and tranquil forest. With a cedar pergola, you can swim or relax with a delightful cedar aroma.

Admittedly, cedar is not as rot resistant as pressure-treated southern pine. However, it’s additional natural and quality aspects place it miles ahead of pressure-treated wood. Pressure-treated wood may last, but it tends to crack and warp. Furthermore, it is not naturally treated. Cedar, on the other hand, is lasting, natural, beautiful, and aromatic.



Quality Specs:

Notable Details:

About the Collegeville Location

The location of this beautiful cedar pergola is in a development neighborhood part of the Collegeville borough in Montgomery County, PA. The Perkiomen Creek flows through the borough enhancing the natural environment of the area. The borough has a population of only around 5,000. In this quieter, smaller, and more natural environment, the pergola is a great fit. It makes for a small retreat area to the backyard of this home. Made of natural wood, it blends in with the rest of the natural surroundings — a great place to step away from the hubbub of life. A small, quiet and natural place, it beckons to those who need refreshment.

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