12' Octagon Vinyl Gazebo in Towson, MD

We installed this beautiful 12′ Octagon Vinyl Gazebo on a gorgeous property in Towson, MD. Located in center Maryland, Towson is mostly known as a college town, but offers beauty, culture and so much more.

This 12′ Vinyl Gazebo from Lancaster County Backyard elevates this already serene landscape by offering the ideal retreat to read, study, or simply converse. Built with pristine white vinyl, and screened in for added protection and comfort, this octagon gazebo creates an atmosphere that allows one to soak in the beauty all around and simply relax without distractions or worries. Take a moment to enjoy the colors of fall, beauty of spring, or warm nights of summer with this Lancaster County Backyard gazebo.

The sleek white vinyl is complimented with weathered wood flooring and bold black shingles. This vinyl gazebo in Towson, MD brings the garden together under one roof and makes the landscape truly picturesque.