Outdoor Kitchen Pergola Ideas

Outdoor Kitchen Pergola Ideas for Your Backyard Space

Everyone dreams about creating a beautiful backyard space. It’s the few among us that actually choose to make these dreams a reality, that truly get to enjoy their backyard space. Over the years Pergolas have become a common outdoor structure. The same can also be said about outdoor kitchens. Therefore, it’s not surprising that the Wood or Vinyl Pergola and an outdoor kitchen pair perfectly together. 

While cooking and barbequing have a long rich history, in the last number of years grilling in the backyard has taken on a new meaning. While some people still have a freestanding grill on the back patio, others have taken it to the next level. Adding outdoor kitchens that are fully stocked and ready to prepare a full meal is not uncommon. These kitchens often have a built-in grill, refrigerator, sinks, and maybe even a pizza oven. 

backyard pergola with grill

A Wood or Vinyl Pergola gives your backyard space a beautiful outdoor structure that is easy to build your landscaping and the rest of your backyard around. Whether you are looking for more personal space or are creating a place for family and friends to gather outside, a Vinyl or Wood Pergola with an outdoor kitchen can be both. 

Outdoor Kitchen Ideas in a Pergola

For a large majority of people, when creating a backyard space, the addition of an outdoor kitchen is absolutely imperative. We have some projects highlighted below to provide some ideas for your outdoor kitchen.

beautiful outdoor kitchen under a pergola

13×18 Heavy Timber Wood Pergola with a Kitchen

This is an immaculate 13×18 Heavy Timber Wood Pergola with an outdoor kitchen. This outdoor kitchen features a grill and a wood-fired pizza oven. We love the creativity in design and natural beauty this Wood Pergola brings to this already beautiful property.

luxury poolside pergola for sale in mertztown pa

Backyard Pool Pergola with an Outdoor Kitchen

This backyard pool pergola is perfect for summer days outside and while this customer didn’t choose to get a full-blown outdoor kitchen installed, they did recognize that this Vinyl Pergola would still be the perfect place to keep the grill during the summer.

hershey 2'x8' custom wood pergola

10×10 Custom Wood Pergola with a Kitchen

This custom wood pergola is a unique but creative style to complement this backyard space. While most people think of a pergola as a square or rectangular structure such as a 10’x10’, this pergola was custom designed around the outdoor grill area. We love when you dream and are creative when designing your outdoor pergola.

How Do I Get an Outdoor Kitchen?

The beauty and convenience of outdoor kitchens are undeniable, so you are probably wondering what you need to do to get an outdoor kitchen installed underneath a pergola. At Lancaster County Backyard we do not install the outdoor kitchens. We recommend you get a mason contractor or landscaper to install the outdoor kitchen. We would then work with you and/or the contractor to figure out how your desired pergola and outdoor kitchen would fit together. At Lancaster County Backyard we are focused on making this a smooth and stress-free process for you.

How Much Does an Outdoor Kitchen Cost?

How much does an outdoor kitchen cost? Lancaster County Backyard does not install outdoor kitchens, (see the section above) so we can only offer ballpark costs. Size, style, grills, other appliances, etc. all will affect the price of your outdoor kitchen. While we estimate an outdoor kitchen to cost you anywhere from $3,000 to $15,000, it could be more or less.

There are some other cost-effective options that, while they might be not as luxurious, a grill or firepit can still be effective. Firepits and standalone grills can be a great alternative to an outdoor kitchen.