Pool Pavilions: Ideas & Designs

As we enter the dog days of summer, spending the day by the pool is definitely the way to go. And when the sun and heat become too much, what you really need is a pool pavilion. And when it comes to poolside pavilions, there are endless possibilities for style, uses, and designs. And while options are great, finding that perfect pool pavilion design can be a daunting endeavor. The goal of this article is to give the tools and ideas you need to make an informed decision about which pavilion you want for your pool.

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What is the Purpose of a Pool Pavilion?

Poolside pavilions provide the perfect shelter from the heat and a place to retreat to when the sun gets too warm. But a pool pavilion can be much more than just a cool shady spot to relax. A pool pavilion can also double as either a picnic area, the home of your ideal outdoor kitchen, or the perfect place to protect your hot tub. Or you can combine a few or all of these in a large pool pavilion and get all the benefits of these incredible pavilions.

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Pool Pavilion Uses

Shade and Seating Area

One of the most common and practical uses of a pool pavilion is simply a shady spot to get out of the sun. Add a couple of lounge chairs and a good book and enjoy. Another popular feature that makes for an ideal pavilion, is the outdoor sofa set. Bringing all the comforts of your living room to your poolside. 

pavilion with fireplace and tv

Outdoor Grill & Kitchen

If you are ready to take your pool pavilion to the next level, then an outdoor grill and kitchen are the way to go. Take all the fun of cooking and combine it with the joy of poolside fun, and that’s what a pool pavilion with a kitchen will give you. It’s hard to beat some ole’ fashion grilling after a day in the pool. 

20x40 tim & heather o'connell timber frame pavilion

Hot Tub Pavilion

If a hot tub is a part of your pool and backyard design, having a pavilion to cover it is a great way to give your hot tub protection from the elements, but also makes it so that you can use it even during those summer rain showers, or maybe even better, that light winter snow. 

hot tub pavilion

11 Incredible Pool Pavilion Ideas

16×16 Caribbean Vinyl Pavilion

This 16X16 Caribbean Vinyl Poolside Pavilion perfectly complements the incredible pool and backyard of this New York home. Having a pool pavilion like this vinyl Caribbean-style pavilion gives you and your guest’s options to keep everyone happy. Whether you want to hang out in the hammock in the sun, on the couches in the shade, or enjoy a meal at the table. 

16x16 caribbean pool pavilion edward looft

12×20 Vinyl Caribbean Pavilion

This 12×20 Vinyl Caribbean Pavilion showcases the beauty in simplicity. With a stunning standing-seam metal roof and an incredible wooden ceiling inside, this pavilion is gorgeous. Combined with a number of lounge chairs and umbrellas, the pavilion with a table and chairs finishes off this vinyl pool pavilion perfectly. 

12x20 caribbean pool pavilion brian karl

12×18 Caribbean Vinyl Pavilion

The backyard and landscaping features surrounding this pool are incredible, making the 12×18 Caribbean Vinyl pavilion both stand out and fit right in. With a dark bronze standing seam metal roof that truly makes a statement. It doesn’t get much better than having options, like a spot in the shade, or a lounge in the sun. 

caribbean pool pavilions

14×16 Montford Vinyl Pavilion

At 14×16, this Montford Vinyl Pavilion is a gorgeous centerpiece to an already beautiful property. Finished off with a beautiful metal roof and a cathedral ceiling with a fan. And at the end of the day, settle in on the cozy outdoor sofas, turn on the fireplace and enjoy your favorite game from the comfort of your poolside pavilion.

14x16 montford pool pavilion

16×24 Montford Vinyl Pavilion

This 16×24 Montford Vinyl Pavilion will take your hosting to the next level. Not only is it situated by an incredible pool, but the pavilion itself is also just stunning. With a natural wood ceiling instead, string lights all around, plus beautiful outdoor sofas to lounge around in the shade. But the one outstanding feature of this backyard pool pavilion is the island, with a granite countertop, and drink refrigerators. 

16x24 montford pavilion

16×20 Monford Vinyl Pavilion

The joy of adding a pavilion to your pool area is how you can customize it to meet your specific situation. Like this 16×20 Montford Vinyl pavilion that was designed with a stone wall on the back that includes a beautiful fireplace for those chilly summer evenings. The large L-shaped island and bar provide you with space to sit and serve your guests. 

16x20 monford pool pavilion

16×20 Cheyenne Pool Pavilion

A more simple pavilion option is the wooden pavilion, like this 16×20 Cheyenne Pool pavilion. With natural wood finish throughout the structure. The natural stone fireplace and accents make this just a beautiful pavilion. So whether you want to relax in the shade or enjoy some sun in the pool, this backyard has it all! 

16x20 cheyenne outdoor wood pavilion with pool

20×28 Denali Timber Frame Pavilion

When you want a high-end luxury pavilion, then something like this 20×28 Timber Frame Pavilion is a great place to start. A beautiful metal roof, stone floors, and knee walls nicely finish off this pavilion. While underneath the shade of this gorgeous timber-framed pavilion you’ll find not only a lovely outdoor sofa set but a large TV as well. So you can be outdoors with your children and enjoy watching your favorite sports team. 

20x28 denali timber frame pool pavilion

16×18 Grand Teton Pavilion

If you are looking for a small, yet stunning statement piece for your backyard and pool area, check out this 16×18 Grand Teton Pavilion. The natural wood finish is perfectly accented by the black metal strapping that supports the arched rib truss. 

16x18 grand teton timber frame poolside pavilion

20×40 Timber Frame Pavilion

This large 20×40 Timber Frame Pavilion is designed to be the gathering place of the backyard space. With a sprawling outdoor kitchen that includes a grill, sink, and multiple coolers, plus lots of seating space at the bar. If you are more into the “chill” vibe, there are couches to lounge on inside and lounge chairs by the pool. So pick your spot, because there isn’t a bad one at this house. 

20x40 tim & heather o'connell timber frame pavilion

Luxury Pool Pavilion

This luxury poolside pavilion is one of a kind. With high-end standing seam copper roofing, stone walls, and pillars, as well as a granite countertop for the bar area in the middle. This pavilion has it all. Whether it’s an afternoon in the sun by the pool, or an evening watching your favorite show on TV, a pool pavilion offers countless options and opportunities. 

luxuary pool pavilion

FAQ About Pool Pavilions

What is a Pool Pavilion?

A pool pavilion is simply a pool built beside your swimming pool that provides a spot to relax and enjoy the shade. One of the best ways to improve your backyard pool is by adding a beautiful pavilion. This provides the whole family with a place to enjoy your backyard.

How Big Should A Pool Pavilion Be?

A pool pavilion should be the size that best compliments your pool and backyard area. If you are looking for a more intimate space, then a 10×10 or similar size is a great option. But if you are looking for a space to host a crowd, then a larger building like this 20×40 Timber Frame pavilion will provide you with the space to cook, relax, and enjoy being the host. 

How much would it cost to build a pavilion?

A basic wooden pavilion cost starts at around $6,200.00, and the starting cost of the high-end Timber Frame Pavilion is $15,500.00. The vinyl pavilions are priced in between the wooden and timber frame pavilions, starting around $7,300.00. Of course, as the size increases, so does the cost. 

Wood Pavilions$6,200.00
Vinyl Pavilions$7,300.00
Timber Frame Pavilions$15,500.00

Other Poolside Structures

While the pool pavilion is truly an ideal poolside structure, there are other beautiful buildings that transform your backyard into a stunning oasis. If you need a structure to complete your pool area, but don’t want something that makes a lot of shade, then our wooden or vinyl pergolas are a great alternative. Giving you a poolside structure that is both beautiful and practical. 

And if you are looking for a building that gives some separation from the pool area, then a cozy gazebo is a great option. 

poolside pergola

Wrapping it up…

In conclusion, if you are looking for a poolside structure that will provide shelter and shade, a home for your outdoor kitchen, plus providing you with a statement piece for your backyard space. The pool pavilion is such a versatile pavilion and is guaranteed to “wow” your friends and neighbors.