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Heavy Timber Gazebos Structures with Lasting Strength & Beauty

Gallery of Heavy Timber Gazebos

Our heavy timber gazebos are no light matter. Built from massive southern pine beams, these structures are a permanent statement of taste and tenacity. When you need something extra special and strong to garnish your outdoors, this gazebo design is here for you.

See our team installing a Heavy Timber Gazebo!

Watching the erection of a massive heavy timber gazebo is truly a sight to behold. Watch these Lancaster County Craftsmen assemble this huge gazebo in the mountains of Pennsylvania. If you’d like to see our team help you design and construct your own backyard beauty, then reach out today by calling 267-638-6983 or request a free quote online.

Beautiful Prefab Gazebo Installation by Lancaster County Backyard


Do you offer a DIY kit?

Depending on your requirements, we could produce a kit for your structure. We don’t recommend DIY kits for these structures, however, as the building requirements can be complicated. Our builders are fast, efficient, and experts in their field. Give us a try!

To what areas do you deliver?

Our delivery area for most Pavilions, Pergolas, and Gazebos is 200 miles of our home base in Lancaster County, Pensylvania. This radius allows us to reach into most of Pennsylvania, all of Maryland, Deleware, New Jersey, much of Virginia, New York, and Connecticut. We deliver large Pavilions nationwide across the contiguous United States.

Will I need a building permit for my gazebo?

Some areas require building permits for gazebos and others do not, so check with your local municipality if you have questions for your area. We have diagrams for gazebos that may be useful in the permitting process if you do find you need a permit (see gazebo specifications).

Can my gazebo be set on grass or do I need to prepare a site for the gazebo?

Grass areas are seldom level enough to set a gazebo without any preparation. The gazebo may be set on a concrete pad, patio, deck, or bed of crushed stone. A good way to prepare a foundation is to cut out 4″ to 6″ of sod and fill it with ¾” crushed stones. You will likely want to frame the pad with timbers if the ground is not level since you will then need to dig deeper at some places and may need to hold the stone in place on one of the sides. The foundation needs to be level for your gazebo to be level.

To help prepare your site you may want to check with Eli Stoltzfus at Bedrock Foundations (484-712-8828), Gid Stoltzfus at Better Built Pads (717-629-0968), Jake Lantz at Firm Foundations (717-629-0689), or for the Lansdale area only Larry Bergey (484-336-9481).

Do I have any choices besides kit on-site assembly if a fully assembled gazebo is too wide to get to my site?

Gazebos can sometimes be lifted into place with a crane if access to the location is too narrow. However, we do not supply a crane.