10x10 Lakefront Wood Pavilion in Plymouth Meeting, PA

Right next to Montgomery County in the Philly suburb, rests this cute little wood pavilion in Plymouth Meeting, PA. Perfectly fitting into the landscape of the town, this Lakefront wood pavilion provides much needed shelter from the elements.

Constructed to provide covering for a home-side patio, this Lakefront wood pavilion in Plymouth Meeting, PA takes it’s job very seriously. Offering both beauty and functionality to the patio, it’s unfinished wood appearance ensures it is a compliment to the established color scheme of the home. Our roofing options allowed the shingled-roof to be specifically selected to match the color and style of those on the home it’s adjacent to. With slightly smaller posts than our Cheyenne pavilions, this allows the Lakefront to be incorporated in even the smallest of locations.

All our Lancaster County Backyard pavilions are constructed using only the highest quality materials. This means that you can rest easy your structure will stand the test of time and serve its purpose for years to come! Go ahead and accent your home with a wood pavilion in Plymouth Meeting, PA!