16x17 Wooden Attached Pergola in Morgantown, PA View this Beautiful Cherokee Pergola

In July of 2015, the owner of this structure contacted us about having a pergola attached to his house in Morgantown, PA. We agreed to tackle it.

We designed this wooden attached pergola to make the back patio more attractive. Built with built of beautiful hardscape pavers, the patio was certainly not unattractive without the attached pergola. Adding this attached pergola, however, improves the appearance exponentially.

As is standard for our buildings, this structure was both built to last and look good. Built using solid posts and strong beams, the wood used is #1 southern yellow pine. To add a bit of flair, we included a rounded wooden brace from the post to the beams.

One unique feature of this attached pergola is the 2×2 wooden shades on the top. They provide a shady place to sit and relax in the wicker furniture below. Additionally, the ends of these wooden shades were cut at a 45° angle, to give the structure a classy look. The pergola adds to the surroundings with its beautiful details. The nice surroundings add to the pergola in return. The beautiful combination makes the spot an attractive and a great place to relax and enjoy the presence of others.


The environment around this wooden attached pergola is noteworthy. First of all, it is in a quiet space. The pergola is behind the house away from the hubbub of life. Additionally, since only immediate local traffic uses the front road, the noise of passing traffic is not a problem at this home. Secondly, this structure is in a beautiful area.

The surrounding housing development is well maintained and pleasant to live in. Most immediately, the adjacent backyard provides lots of room to stretch. The patio features a nice set of wicker furniture, making it a pleasant getaway to sit and relax. Lastly, the pergola is in a great location. It is both sets on a patio made with beautiful hardscape pavers and attached to the house. It is a pleasant cove to spend time with family and friends.

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The uniqueness of an Wooden Attached Pergola

What makes an attached pergola unique? A non-attached pergola (better know as detached) stands on its own, while an attached pergola is built into an adjacent structure. In the case of this pergola project in Morgantown, PA, we removed the house siding, fastened the pergola to the house, and then replaced the siding around it. By attaching this pergola to the house, two posts are eliminated. Where a detached pergola has four legs, the attached pergola only has two.

Both the detached and the attached structure are great to complement a house. The main difference is that the attached pergola is exhibited a connected design, and is dependent on the house for support, while the detached pergola doesn’t require extra support.



  • 16′ wide x 17′ long
  • 8′ 6″ high

Quality Specs:

  • quality southern yellow pine wood
  • rot-resistant materials
  • strong 2×10 (doubled to make a 4×10) laminated beams
  • solid 6×6 laminated posts
  • 6″ spacing between 2×2 shades (This was a delicate balance between close-spacing to provide enough of shade and wide-spacing to allow for an open and airy feel as well as enough spacing to allow snow to drop between the shade.)

Unique Details:

  • natural wood appearance (no wood stain or finish used)
  • 2×2 wood shades deter bright sun, but still, maintain an open and airy feel
  • 2×2 shades cut on a 45° angle for a classy appearance
  • extra height to accommodate window on a house

Attractive Aspects:

  • decorative cuts on end of beams
  • stylish curved braces
  • ornamental chandeliers
  • beautiful hardscape pavers for a patio
  • finely suited wicker furniture