14x20 Cheyenne Wood Pavilion in Cortland, NY

Constructed with precision, this wood pavilion in Cortland, NY provides much needed shelter and shade to the patio.

Our Cheyenne wood pavilions bring an elevated sense of class to your outdoor covering. The Cheyenne style pavilion features wider dimension posts and a roof overhang. These elements bring a strong, and bolder looker to the pavilion. This wood pavilion in Cortland, NY highlights the beauty of the wood it’s constructed from. It’s unfinished nature allow the wood’s character to shine through and be the focal point of the structure. Paired with a bronze-color metal roof, this classic contrast demands attention and respect while still blending into the natural environment of its surroundings.

It’s medium size of 14×20 create shade and shelter for the patio allowing it to be used for a variety of hosting options and group sizes. All our Lancaster County Backyard pavilions are constructed using only the highest quality materials. This means that you can rest easy your structure will stand the test of time and serve its purpose for years to come!