The Cheyenne Pavilion An upscale garden pavilion for your home or business.

wood garden pavilion

A Garden Pavilion You’ll Love

Garden pavilions are ornate buildings that can serve as an elegant outdoor living space, party area, or wedding venue. Make the ideal outdoor oasis and relax with evening tea or enjoy your rose garden or colorful flowerbeds. With the right size and design, it can easily act as the focal point for any backyard, garden, or pool area. Depending on your budget and personal preferences, we make a variety of garden pavilions custom options available to fit your taste and landscaping.

Our garden pavilions are typically fully freestanding, but we can attach to a house or existing structure as well. If you’re not looking for the Cheyenne-style pavilion, you can browse our other wood pavilions and vinyl pavilions to find one that matches your needs. We build timber frame pavilions as well. All of our pavilions are designed to provide a unique and relaxing place to hold an event, or just relax outside. We build pavilions for parks, businesses, and event venues as well. A large pavilion can accommodate a wide variety of events ranging from small weddings to large corporate functions.

Lancaster County Backyard has years of experience in the backyard construction business and we stand by the quality of our work and service. When looking at garden pavilions online, we want to ensure that you have all the details that you are looking for. Make sure that check out our past projects, customer testimonials, and download our catalog.

When you’re ready to move forward with a specific structure, be sure to get a quote or reach out to our team. All the best on your garden pavilion project!

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What Are the Common Questions We Get?

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