30x40 Kingston Timber Frame Pavilion in Warfordsburg, PA

Situated in the heart of Pennsylvania is this incredible 30×40 Kingston Timber Frame Pavilion in Warfordsburg, PA. This quaint town in Fulton County is known for its serene landscapes and breathtaking fall foliage. 

The Kingston timber frame pavilion from Lancaster County Backyard seamlessly integrates into this tranquil environment, offering a perfect spot for family gatherings, weddings, or community events. Built with the age-old method of construction called Timber Framing that uses mortise and tenon joinery, which is done with two pieces of wood, the mortise being the hole in the one piece of wood and the tenon being the piece of wood that is received into the mortise. For more information about this topic, you can see our articles about Timber Framing and Timber Frame Joints

The pavilion is constructed using high-quality Douglas Fir lumber, renowned for its strength and resistance to the elements. This not only ensures the structure’s longevity but also adds to its rustic aesthetics.