Timber Frame in Washington, New Jersey

timber frame storefront in washington new jersey

Good Shopping Experiences Start in the Parking Lot

You know found a good store when you keep going back simply to buy its top-notch products.

However, you know you have got an exceptional shopping experience when you cannot decide whether it is the store’s top-notch products or the jaw-dropping and inviting design that pulls you like a magnetic to stop by.

Such happy shopping experiences do exist on earth, and Mountain Valley Wine in Washington New Jersey, proves it!

Dave English is an established businessman and builder, seen to many as a hardworking visionary with many talents, yet recent years unveiled in him a true artist at heart. The Draught House further exemplifies Dave’s creative genius.

As a businessman for over 30 years, Dave speaks his customers language in a way few business owners understand.

His secret is the ability to create outstanding shopping and dining experiences for his customers by combining high-quality food products with gorgeous and inviting interior design. Plus, he believes the exceptional experience should start at the door.

Which is exactly what Dave did when he decided to rebuild his 11-year-old liquor store, Mountain Valley Wine.

timber frame storefront in new jersey

Dave wanted his new liquor store to serve his customers a class act. And the design he chose, outclassed all the liquor stores on the eastern seaboard. Dave designed his new store with high ceilings, tongue and groove, and timber framing. Complete with a giant elk chandelier proudly overseeing the beauty of this charming store’s interior.

As stunning as Dave’s new story design sounds from the inside, Dave’s jaw dropping design starts from the moment you pull into the parking lot.

Quality Building Materials & Responsible Construction Crew = Success!

Dave chose to incorporate a timber frame storefront. He partnered with Level Edge Construction for the project and together chose Lancaster County Backyards to supply the timber frame materials.

As a busy and efficient businessman and builder, Dave needed a reliable and responsible construction crew to count on, and Dave found just that when he began working with Level Edge. Dave shared, “These guys are very, very responsible and hardworking. They are really good guys to work with.”

Together, along with the quality timber framing materials from Lancaster County Backyards, Dave and Level Edge built the timber frame storefront to complete his new liquor and specialty foods store.

The end results were stunning!

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