What Is Included In A Timber Frame Kit?

- May 11, 2022

Are you ready to add the wow factor to your backyard? A Timber Frame Pavilion does just that. But a common question is, what is included in a Timber Frame Kit? And while the answer to this question varies depending on factors ranging from the size of your structure to the kind of pavilion you are interested in. One thing we can assure you is that, when you get a Timber Frame Kit, these things will be included in every one. 

What Is Included In A Timber Frame Kit

So what is included in a Timber Frame Kit? Our Timber Frame Pavilion Kits include all the posts, beams, and rafters you need and they all come pre-cut, along with all the necessary hardware to properly build your timber frame kit. Below you will find a list of the material that is included in each Timber Frame Kit.

  1. Douglas Fir posts, braces, rafter plates, trusses, and ridge beams. 
  2. Wood Pegs to fasten the timber frame. 
  3. Tongue-n-groove roof decking. 
  4. Post Anchor bracket (one for each post)
  5. Wedge Anchors (to secure anchor brackets to concrete)
    • Optional 2 ½” standoff for brick pavers
  6. Structural Screws (to attach posts to anchor brackets)
  7. Timber screws (to fasten rafters to rafter plate) 
  8. The roof material of your choice. 

For a more detailed explanation of the materials included and the tools required you can check out our Sample DIY Timber Frame Construction manual.

What Is Included In A Timber Frame Kit

Tools You Will Need to Install a Timber Frame Kit

There are a number of tools that are required to be able to successfully install a Timber Frame Pavilion Kit. You should have access to and be familiar with using the following tools before you attempt to install these Timber Frame Kits yourself.

DrillImpact DriverRotary Hammer DrillHammer
Circular SawFraming SquareLevelLaser Level
Rachet with socketRoofing NailerFraming Nailer1/2″ Rods

Here is a step-by-step guide to installing a timber frame pavilion, or if you are more of a visual learner you can watch this video to see the steps on how to install a timber frame pavilion.

How Our Timber Frame Kits Are Manufactured

Having a good Timber frame kit starts with precision manufacturing. The key to timber framing is the precision of the mortise-n-tenon joints. This is done by using high-tech automated machines making each joint fit perfectly!

And with three styles of trusses available, you can have the Timber Frame Pavilion Kit that perfectly matches your landscape and style.

The beauty of Timber Framing is how it has stood the test of time. Examples of this historic way of construction go back to as early as 200 B.C. and now stands as the rugged standard for exposed beam construction today.

What Timber Frame Pavilion Kits Do We Offer?

What Is Included In A Timber Frame Kit

The Denali Timber Frame Pavilion

Take your backyard hosting to the next level. With the unique hammerbeam roof system, this Timber Frame Pavilion gives your outdoor space that extra ‘pop’ it needs.

It doesn’t matter if its in your backyard or at your local business, make this pavilion your next investment. 

So whether you’re a DIY’er that is looking for your own timber frame pavilion kit to install yourself, or you just want your own Timber Frame structure in your backyard. Starting with a high-quality Timber Frame kit will give you the foundation to start right, and the end product you deserve!

What Is Included In A Timber Frame Kit