The Denali Timber Frame Pavilion Beautiful. Timber Frame Elegance. Starts Here.

denali timber frame outdoor pavilions

The Timber Frame Process

The Denali Timber Frame Pavilion is already a one-of-a-kind standalone outdoor structure. In fact, it is a beautiful one at that. Enjoy designing and creating an incredible hosting spot for your friends and family. Change the interior of your pavilion when you choose a kitchen, fireplace, or an elaborate stonework addition. We love when our customers dream big, so don’t be afraid to come to us with all your ideas and suggestions. At LCB, we have a dedicated team of Timber Frame Pavilion designers whose one goal is to work with you to build your dream Outdoor Pavilion. Whether it’s discovering your ideal pavilion size, style, or interior set-up, we trust the end result will be one that blends perfectly into your backyard. 

Not a Cookie Cutter

The Denali Timber Frame Outdoor Pavilion is designed and built to grace your property for years to come. Both the timeless design appeal of the Denali and the extremely high quality of the Douglas Fir Timber that is used, create an Outdoor Structure that can stand the test of time.

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timber frame outdoor pavilion construction

Watch Your Outdoor Pavilion Come to Life

Grab a lawn chair and enjoy a front row seat as your dream pavilion comes to life right before your eyes. Our trained on-site crews bring all the hand-crafted pavilion pieces, as well as the needed equipment and tools, to your backyard where they skillfully connect all the pieces together in the intriguing timber frame building process.  

Are you up to the challenge of building your own DIY Pavilion? Check out our Timber Frame Pavilion Kits page for more information on how to order a kit that will be delivered to your property.

20x12 denali timber frame pavilion with fan

Living is Good Under a Timber Frame Pavilion

The saying, “Living is Good Under a Timber Frame Pavilion” is the absolute truth. With your freshly transformed outdoor experience, you can enjoy the morning sunlight with a cup of coffee, or entertain friends as you sit in the shade of your new Pavilion. Either way, life with a Timber Frame Pavilion is a game-changer. Rain or shine, your Denali pavilion will stand the test of time, as you sit back, relax and enjoy outdoor living to the fullest!

Life is Good under a Timber Frame Outdoor Pavilion

Denali Timber Frame Pavilion Gallery

What Are the Common Questions We Get?

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