Why should I buy a Timber Frame Pavilion? Simple, Elegant Natural Timber Frame Pavilions

Jordan Slabaugh - February 7, 2023

why should i buy a timber frame pavilion

The warm summer air is blowing through the green leaves.  You love hearing the splashes of the pool and the crackling of a warm fire as the sun goes down on a beautiful summer evening. Does this sound like the ideal setting for an evening of fun? Well, imagine doing all of this under the cover of a Timber Framed Pavilion!

What are Timber Framed Pavilions?

Timber frame pavilions are our solution to giving you an elegant, luxurious outdoor entertaining space. Constructed from beautiful #1 Douglas Fir Timbers, these pavilions give you the rustic beauty of natural wood. These make a great space for picnic areas, pool resorts or commercial pavilions in a business park.

beautiful interior of a backyard timber frame pavilion

What Timber Frame Pavilions Do We Offer?

We offer a wide variety of timber frame pavilions that we offer for purchase.

What Is Included In A Timber Frame Kit

The Kingston Timber Frame Pavilion

Standing head and shoulders above your average outdoor pavilion, the Kingston Timber Frame Pavilion is a riveting expression of mankind’s love for the simplicity and beauty of natural wood. The iconic kingpost timber frame truss design provides a clear picture of strength and character.

The pavilion is designed perfectly for large gatherings and weddings.

What Is Included In A Timber Frame Kit

The Denali Timber Frame Pavilion

The Denali Timber Frame Pavilion from Lancaster County Backyard contains much more than meets the viewer’s eye. When combined with the magnificence of the exposed post and beams, the distinctive hammberbeam split-truss provides this structure with a truly enormous spirit.

Whether placed in a backyard or business, the hammerbeam will provide you with a lasting impression, space, and a truly satisfying experience.

What Is Included In A Timber Frame Kit

The Grand Teton Timber Frame Pavilion

Are you drawn to a timber frame design that is unique and multifaceted? The Grand Teton incorporates a handsome arched rib, held in place with powder-coated strapping, this stylish truss system offers a stately and stylish feel.

This greathearted design is ready to accommodate family, friends, guests, and host events of any kind.

Common Questions we Get Asked about Timber Frame Pavilions

Why would I want to buy a Timber frame pavilion?

Whether you are looking for an outdoor event space or something to dress up your yard the truth is a timber frame pavilion gives you the ability to do both. The luxurious features of these pavilions allow the life of the party to come together under your roof. Additionally, you would want a timber frame pavilion if you are looking for a way to enjoy the outdoors while still being covered by the classic beauty a timber frame pavilion has to offer.

What sizes can the Timber Frame Pavilion be built to?

All of our Timber frame pavilions can be built to the size that fits your needs best. The most compact size that we offer for these structures is 12 ft by 12 ft. 

The Kingston and Denali Timber Pavilions can be built to the massive size of 40 ft by 80 ft. 

The Grand Teton timber pavilion can be built to its grandest size of 30 ft by 80 ft.

What is Douglas #1 Fir Wood?

When we build any timber frame structure, we want them to be built with not only integrity but true rugged beauty. We truly believe that these two ideas can co-exist seamlessly. That is why we choose to work with #1 douglas fir wood. By using this high grade of wood we offer a top-of-the-line aesthetic for our clients. This wood gives us the look we want you to have and be proud of. This class of wood contains smaller knots and is able to withstand the toughest of conditions. This kind of high-quality material makes this product ideal for a Timber Frame Pavilion.

what is 31 douglas fir wood

How much does a Timber Frame Pavilion Cost?

When you make an investment in a timber frame pavilion you are looking to make sure that you not only get the best price but the best quality. We are confident that you will not be disappointed in our quality or prices. Each of our pavilions start off at a different price, the biggest item that sets our prices apart from others is that our prices include the cost of being built right here in S.E. eastern PA.

Our Kingston Timber Frame Pavilion starts at: $13,500

Our Denali Timber Frame Pavilion starts at: $17,000

Our Grand Teton TImber Frame Pavilion Starts at: $21,000

While these prices are the introductory level, we know that we can build you the ideal Timber Frame Pavilion.

Can I build my Timber Frame Pavilion myself?

Yes, you can (well kind of)! Our timber frame pavilion can be sold to you as a do-it-yourself kit. This allows you to decide how you construct the project. While you can build this project independently, you will need the assistance of friends to do so. You may even want to take it a step further and pay a contractor to assemble the project for you.

*by building the project yourself this will change the price that is displayed and may change the conditions of the warranty. Contact us for pricing regarding this option.

Is my Timber Frame Pavilion custom created?

Yes, your timber frame pavilion is custom-created by you! When you begin your timber frame pavilion project we suggest you head on over to the quote builder. Here you can walk through step by step what you would like your pavilion to look like!

Can the wood be stained for my Timber Frame Pavilion?

When customizing your timber frame pavilions we have multiple options for staining the wood used to create your wood pavilion. The 3 premium stains we offer to you for your timber frame pavilion are

Jarah Brown, Mahogany Flame, and Natural.

We also offer an unstained version of the wood pavilion as well.

All of these options can be seen by checking out our quote builder.

What kind of roofing is available for my Timber Frame Pavilion?

When you look at a timber frame pavilion, you have multiple options for your roofing needs.

We offer the following roofing options for all models:

No Shingles or Metal roof

Asphalt Shingle Roof (With 14 colors to choose from)

Regular Metal Roof (With 7 Colors to choose from)

Standing Seam Metal Roof (With 7 colors to choose from)

All of these color choices can be viewed when using our quote builder.

Does my Timber Frame Pavilion need a foundation? 

When you build a timber frame Pavilion you will need a foundation to place your structure. We can place it on concrete piers, concrete pads, footers under pavers, or even your your own wood or composite deck. We can even provide you with concrete piers (a fee may apply). 

If you are unsure how you want to set your timber frame pavilion up that is ok! We have the expertise you need. We wan to make sure that you are able to enjoy your timber frame pavilion and will guide you with what the best option is.

How long will it take for me to have my Timber Frame Pavilion built?

The amount of time that it will take to receive your timber frame pavilion is dependent on how much you are willing to do by yourself.

If you would like to receive your timber frame building as a do-it-yourself kit the average time it will take you to receive your timber frame pavilion is 8-16 weeks. This means in about 2-3 months you can have your project ready and begin constructing it on your own or contract it out*.

(*If you are seeking to contract out work it may void the warranty make sure you check all conditions before making a decision).

If you would like to have your timber frame pavilion built by our team at Lancaster Backyards the build time is 15-18 weeks. So it is possible that having us build it for you will allow you to get it built even faster than receiving it as a kit!

Is my Timber Frame Pavilion Guaranteed? 

beautiful interior of a backyard timber frame pavilion

When you purchase from Lancaster Backyard we promise you that you will enjoy all the memories made under the roof of your timber frame pavilion. That is why we offer a 5-year limited warranty on all of our timber frame pavilions. You can see all of our terms and conditions by clicking here. 

As you can see a timber frame pavilion allows for you, the customer, to experience true elegance, beauty and luxury no matter where they put it. Poolside, in the woods or at your business you are sure to enjoy the product you purchase from us. 

To get started on your timber frame pavilion build, fill out our FREE QUOTE form and see for yourself all the options to building your dream. Here at Lancaster county backyards, we are in the business of building beautiful structures and outdoor happiness.