Wood and Vinyl Screened Gazebos

- May 5, 2021

A screened gazebo in your backyard will do wonders for a lovely place to prop up your feet and do it without the annoyance of bugs and flies. Lancaster County Backyard Screened Gazebos come in many shapes and sizes. We also customize to fit your needs. You can request a specific height or you can request multiple roof levels. You can even add an electrical package for more lighting and convenience. With this screened gazebo custom option you can make your backyard very cozy and to your likings.

Wooden Screed Gazebos for PA, NJ, NY, DE, MD, VA and WV

In our wooden screened gazebos option we offer four major design types. If you are looking for an economy gazebo, take a look at the basic octagon gazebo model.

We also offer rectangular gazebos as well as oval gazebos. However what we are really proud of and is our dodecagon gazebo. The following picture is a heavy timber dodecagon screen gazebo. All these gazebos for sale come in many sizes and with many options. Our FREE Quote form guides you through the process of choosing the right options. It is a good place to start.

Vinyl Screened Gazebos

Want something more maintenance-free and that will not fade with the weather? Check out our Screened Vinyl Backyard Gazebo Ideas for more ideas and inspiration. With the vinyl outdoor gazebos, you again have an endless amount of customizing options to choose from.

The positive aspect of a vinyl gazebo is that it takes much less maintenance than its cousin the wooden gazebos. While wood has a natural earthy look the vinyl on a screened gazebo has class and lasts for a long time. All it takes is an occasional washing. No finishing or recoating is needed. If you want a maintenance-free option this is a great way to go.