The Grand Teton Pavilion Magnificent. Timber Frame. Luxury. Starts here.

grand teton timber frame pavilion
16x18 timber frame pavilion

16×18 Grand Teton Timber Frame Pavilion

16x18 Grand Teton Timber Frame Pavilion

16×18 Grand Teton Timber Frame Pavilion

The Post and Beam Process

The Grand Teton pavilion is already a unique standalone structure. A simply stunning one at that. However, you can enjoy creating an equally stunning interior by choosing between a whole host of design options. Imagine the inside of your pavilion graced with design possibilities such as a kitchen, fireplace, or an intricate stonework addition. Big dreams don’t scare us! Bring your dream plate full of your ideas, details, and wishes. We are excited to talk about the design possibilities with you.  You got yourself a dedicated team of pavilion designers whose one goal is to work with you to discover your ideal pavilion. Whether it’s discovering your ideal pavilion size, style, or interior set-up, we can guarantee the end result will be one that blends perfectly into your backyard. 

Not a Cookie Cutter

Perhaps your dream pavilion design is a bit “outside the box” of the original design of the Grand Teton. Or perhaps none of our available timber frame pavilions’ designs quite satisfy the style of pavilion you desire. Dreams don’t scare us and neither do new challenges! Bring your ideas, and we are happy to discuss unique twists to our Grand Teton pavilion. Whether you go with the original Grand Teton design or wish to try a new design altogether, you have every ounce of our dedication, energy, effort, and enthusiasm needed to make it happen.

beautifull handcrafted grand teton pavilion

Watch Your Dream Outdoor Pavilion Come Alive

Grab a lawn chair and enjoy a front row seat as your dream pavilion comes to life right before your eyes. Our trained on-site crews bring all the hand-crafted pavilion pieces, as well as the needed equipment and tools, to your backyard where they skillfully connect all the pieces together in the intriguing timber frame building process.  

With a cup of your favorite drink in hand, you can join our many happy customers in the enjoyable and awe-inspiring experience of watching their dream timber frame pavilion unfold before their very eyes. Enjoy a relaxing and thoroughly entertaining assembly as you revel in the anticipation of all the happy memories you are about to create underneath your gorgeous Grand Teton pavilion.

Life is Good Underneath a Timber Frame Pavilion

With your newly completed timber frame pavilion enthroning your backyard, you are about to take your outdoor experience to a whole new level! Life is good underneath a large and artfully crafted pavilion. How you choose to live the good life is up to you! Underneath your stunning pavilion, whether you host parties, sit chatting with friends over coffee, or take a much-needed solitude moment, rest assured it will be good and last for a lifetime and beyond! Rain or shine, your Grand Teton pavilion will stand the test of time, as you sit back, relax and enjoy outdoor living to the fullest!

gathering place, grand teton timber frame pavilion

Grand Teton Pavilion – 24’x32′

What Are the Common Questions We Get?

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