Amish Pavilions: The Gazebo of Today

Jordan Slabaugh - December 11, 2023

Are you torn between two options? Do you wonder if you should get a gazebo or an outdoor pavilion? You already know where you want your new backyard addition, and you may have already begun mentally planning future outdoor summer events. You know what you want, yet, one more question remains: a pavilion or gazebo?

Good news—you stopped by the right blog on your way to making that final decision. Although everyone’s tastes are different, we trust this blog will help you confidently move forward in your purchase and ownership of an Amish pavilion, the gazebo of today.

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Are Amish Pavilions REALLY the Gazebo of Today?

The historic, charming gazebos have had their rise of popularity in the last few decades. But now, as we enter a new decade, the trend is swinging into the direction of a new outdoor wave, the stunning Amish pavilion. While gazebos hold a charming and timeless architectural aura, an Amish pavilion’s architecture speaks a more modern and classy language. Not only has the latest trend centered around modern, chic, and simplistic beauty, it has also emphasized a new era of outdoor living.

An Amish pavilion showcases the ideal of making your backyard an extension of your home by being an open-ended and inviting space instead of an enclosed and exclusive one. Due to these latest trends, pavilions are quickly overtaking the popularity of gazebos, which is why we believe that Amish pavilions are, indeed, the gazebos of today.

Distinctions of Amish Pavilions – Compare and Contrast

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Amish Pavilions vs Gazebos

Check out the different styles of modern and classy Amish pavilions available for your backyard.

Amish Pavilions Options and Styles

One of our goals here at Lancaster County Backyard is to help you improve your backyard space. Whether you prefer a wood pavilion, vinyl pavilion, or timber frame pavilion, we will gladly assist you with designing a pavilion for your specific space. That’s what makes a pavilion unique. Everyone has a different space and so no scenario is the same. Find a pavilion that will fit your space and enjoy making memories for years to come! With our skilled Amish carpenters, you can rest assured that your pavilion will be constructed with quality, precision, and durability to last for years to come!

Wooden Outdoor Pavilions

When it comes to building a pavilion, we always start with wood. Many times, we end there too! If you’re one that enjoys the timeless look and feel of real, natural wood, then an all-wooden pavilion is for you.

Perfect for Poolsides

The beautiful Amish wooden pavilions are real-time classics. Regardless of where you live or where your pool is, our wooden gazebos are the perfect shade spot that you need next to your pool. The orange tint of the wood adds an attractive glow to its posts and cupola. The wooden pavilions come topped with a crown of stylish brown shingles. Not only does this pavilion look striking against the autumn leaves, but it also complements the pool it stands proudly by.

wooden amish pavilion by pool
amihs pavilion by the pool

Perfect for Back Decks

Amish pavilions can fit anywhere and still look stunning. Also, Amish-made wooden pavilions come in all sizes! Sometimes a gazebo or other structure just doesn’t quite fit in your backyard space. Instead of building a fenced-in gazebo, go for an open concept with this customized pavilion. With the open sides and beautiful woodwork, this wooden Amish pavilion provides the proper shed and makes your space look larger. This pavilion is small but picturesque on the back porch of this suburban home.

Perfect for Community Parks

How many times have you gone to the park for a picnic but struggled to find the perfect location? This outdoor Amish pavilion sets the ideal stage for a picnic with its roof, table, and benches. With a stream nearby, lots of green grass, and tables to serve your food, a location like this Amish outdoor pavilion is the perfect place for you to arrange your next get together. Whether it’s at the park or in your backyard, these Amish pavilions provide the ideal centralized location for you to have a party with your friends and family!

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Vinyl Outdoor Pavilions

For some of us, the maintenance needs and aging effects on wood is not all that attractive. If you’re looking for a low-maintenance and easy-to-clean structure in your backyard, you should probably consider a vinyl pavilion.

beautiful backyard luxury pavilion for family fun in chester spr

Memorable Family Time

Maybe you need a hangout spot when the grandparents and extended family members come to town. These outdoor pavilions provide the perfect gathering place for everyone to build some memories together. Vinyl Amish Pavilions come in many different styles. The classy look of this grey and white vinyl pavilion adds a simple, yet modern addition to this family’s backyard. It’s easy to see why this family has no problem gathering around under this beautiful vinyl pavilion. Start building memorable family times with an Amish pavilion right in your backyard space!

Quality Quiet Time

Or maybe you are merely looking to create a private retreat in your backyard space. An Amish pavilion provides you with the stately structure and shade that you need to spend hours relaxing or enjoying the warm weather! The design of this Amish pavilion is fresh and modern. The shingled roof adds character to the intricate posts. Together they make a stunning and inviting structural masterpiece. Go ahead, take a seat. With the soft, comfortable seats, natural landscaping, and warm sunshine, you will never want to get up again!

Adds Value to Your Home

One of the most beautiful features of these Amish pavilions is that vinyl comes with options and creativity! This double roofed pavilion makes quite the fashion statement on this back patio. Complimented with a table, chairs, and a few potted plants, this pavilion will be the most popular location in the neighborhood! Not only will this beautiful pavilion turn the heads of all your neighbors, but this pavilion will also add value to your home. Majestic, high-quality structures, such as this vinyl pavilion, add lasting confidence to your landscape.

Timber Frame Pavilions

Neighborhood Party Spot

Timber frame Amish pavilions have an undeniable rustic, yet modern appeal. This impressive timber frame pavilion comes intricately designed with its beautiful posts and framework. Build a stately structure like this to provide the hotspot in your neighborhood. Barbecues could never get any more fashionable than this! It’s the perfect place to have a BBQ, pool party, and sit by an outdoor fireplace with your friends. Enhance your pool area with a structure like this that will leave a lasting impression on al the people you host!

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Relaxing Park Venue

With all those family reunions and large party gatherings at the park, you need a sizeable dependable structure like this Amish pavilion. The abundant dark brown timber of this pavilion adds a distinct look against the flattering green foliage in this backyard. Here at Lancaster County Backyard, we specially design each timber frame pavilion to add and enhance the beauty of your backyard space. And this dark beauty surely does! All that’s missing from this pavilion is some outdoor furniture, a grill area, you, and your friends.

Unique Wedding Venue

Whether it’s a welcoming spot for a wedding, a family barbeque, or … pavilions are the answer to a happy and fulfilling experience. We are more than happy to customize a timber frame Amish pavilion just for your specific situation. This timber frame pavilion graced this wedding ceremony with its elegant, rustic, and stunning presence. From a picnic area in the park, a memorable wedding venue, or the perfect backyard space for your friends, Amish pavilions proudly serve an array of purposes.

timber frame wedding amish pavilion

What is an Amish Pavilion?

So, what is an Amish pavilion anyway? It’s a good question because there is a significant distinction between an Amish pavilion and just a regular “run of the mill” pavilion. Considering this distinction, let’s bring some clarity to the Amish part of “Amish” pavilions. 

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“Amish” isn’t just a “fancy” brand name slapped in front of quality craftsmanship. The word “Amish” represents a group of unique people. Since their beginning in the late 1600s, their distinctive culture has produced generations built on the principles of hard work, dedication to craft, and community. As they have chosen to live without many modern conveniences and technology, they have prioritized working together in the community and working extensively with their hands. Their years of manual labor have turned them into experts in skilled labor and in producing high-quality, artistic, handmade crafts. These high-quality creative crafts include a wide variety of masterpieces, from smaller crafts such as solid cedar chests to larger, more intricate structures such as rustic, wooden pavilions. From their earliest days, the Amish have been ingrained with the appreciation of a job well done.

In short, an Amish pavilion is a high quality, artistic structure designed and built by a hard-working and distinctive hands-on people dedicated to its craft and community. 

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Where Can I Find a Real Amish Pavilion?

Amish pavilions are available throughout the Mid-Atlantic Region, where Amish communities are established and thriving. At Lancaster County Backyards, located in Kinzers, Pa, we have several generations of experience and skilled Amish craftsmanship. Our facility is family owned and operated, and we value not only our craftsmanship but our customers. It is our goal to make your pavilion purchase a smashing success. Your welcome to stop by Lancaster County Backyards and see for yourself the variety of Amish pavilions available to you! 

See you there!

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