Quality Wooden Pavilions

from Amish Builders in Lancaster County, PA

The Traditional Hip Roof Wood Pavilion

Are you looking for a nice clean look and finish on a new wood pavilions? Perfect for places where an elite look is important, this backyard structure has no unfinished wood rafters exposed on the ends. Spice your wood pavilion up some more with a multi-level roof. Or even take it to the top notch with a cupola to brighten up your neighborhood.

The Traditional Open Gable Wooden Pavilion

Are you looking for a wooden pavilions that combines the traditional wooden look with an open feel of the open gable? This backyard pavilion is built to last for decades and yet attractively designed. This type of backyard pavilions is a great place to hang out with friends, barbecue chicken, and refresh yourself. Enjoy the exposed wood look of this backyard structure while you relax.

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The Heavy Timber Wooden Pavilion

Are you wishing for a wooden pavilions that is very strong and fitting for out back or for your business retreat area? Our heavy timber wood structures are built for both commercial or backyard purposes. Unlike the more classy elegant vinyl pavilion this beauty is combines the classic with the rustic natural wood for a charming outback pavilion. Buy a Timber Frame Pavilion for your backyard, daycare center, local park or business.

Your workers were excellent, all three were totally professional and gentlemen. I really don’t see how you can improve on anything,
Frank Mazziotta, Berlin, NJ
The overall service and responsiveness by the Pequea team is very much at the top end of suppliers and contractors that I have dealt with”
Paul Valle, Valley Forge, PA

Match Your Taste with Custom Pavilions, Pergolas, or Gazebos

The possibilities are endless when it comes to designing your custom backyard project. If you could use a bit of inspiration, head over to our project galleries to see how others have revitalized their properties with the help of beautifully designed outdoor structures from Lancaster County Backyard.

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The Wood backyard Pavilion is a great way to enjoy the natural wood look, while yet having a modern design. Sit in your backyard or backwoods on a cool summer evening and enjoy your surroundings. Release your stresses to the wind and enjoy nature. Add a wood pavilion to your sitting area to enhance the experience. In addition add a lighting package to brighten up your backyard pavilion in the evening as you sit and enjoy the stars or the beautiful sunset. You can even add an electrical package to run your appliances. Like our wood pergolas and gazebos in pa our wooden backyard pavilions are made according to your design preferences. Every wood pavilion that we build is made to please the eye and provide you with an enjoyable experience. Whatever your backyard needs are, we are here to help you get what you need.