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Jordan Slabaugh - January 25, 2023

Modern Pavilion. Just the name inspires a sense of awe. Modern pavilions combine the rich history of the pavilion structure and contemporary architectural designs. 

What Is A Modern Pavilion?

A modern pavilion is a backyard pavilion designed with a modern or contemporary flare, featuring clean lines and contemporary design. Now, I realize that modern is a somewhat arbitrary term that covers quite a range of styles, but that is the joy of modern pavilions. 

Part of what makes an ideal contemporary pavilion is the location and the surroundings. Add a sleek white vinyl pavilion to your modern backyard landscape, and you’ll love the results.

Modern Pavilions

7 Incredible Modern Pavilion Ideas

20×20 Modern Vinyl Pavilion

This incredible pavilion is a 20×20 Caribbean style vinyl pavilion built as a compliment to the backyard landscape that includes a stunning pool, large yard and wood burning fire pit. The interior of the pavilion is highlighted by the large dry-stack stone fireplace surrounded by contemporary white sofas overlooking the crystal clear pool.

caribbean vinyl backyard modern pavilion

16×16 Modern Pavilion

A stunning poolside pavilion, this 16×16 Caribbean modern vinyl pavilion features a lovely living area, overlooking one of the prettiest pools you’ll ever see. This pavilion perfectly compliments the incredible backyard it stands in. The pavilion itself features bold columns and a stunning stained wood ceiling with a fan to provide the ventilation on those warm summer days.

16x16 caribbean modern pavilion

28×36 Vinyl Modern Pavilion

This spacious 28×36 modern vinyl pavilion has so much to “wow” about. The huge 12’ tall columns and a contemporary timber framed roof system, contribute to the modern feel of this pavilion. This huge pavilion is the cover for a swim spa, along with an outdoor kitchen, bar, and lounge furniture. And as if a 28×36 pavilion wasn’t big enough, the pavilion is built on an expansive patio that features more lounge chairs and a fire pit. 

montford vinyl modern pavilion

12×20 Custom Vinyl Pavilion

Taking modern pavilions to the next level is the 12×20 custom vinyl pavilion. Not only is the design 100% custom, everything about this pavilion is unique. The ceiling is lined with authentic cedar, and the roof is shingled with matching cedar shakes or shingles. This unique pavilion is not only a masterpiece of architecture, but also provides rest to anyone walking past.

custom modern pavilion with cedar shingles

16×24 Montford Vinyl Pavilion

This 16×24 Montford pavilion showcases the beauty of modern pavilions, from the beautiful design on the columns, to the white vinyl ceiling, to the finishing touches inside. The patio area this pavilion covers provides the ideal place to host or just enjoy an evening by the fireplace, which adds the distinctive feature of this stunning pavilion.  

montford modern pavilion

Luxury Pavilion with a Copper Roof

This modern luxury pavilion has everything you could want in an outdoor pavilion. Built on a sprawling backyard patio, with stunning landscaping, and an in-ground pool. The pavilion itself features a stunning copper roof, supported by the large stately columns. The interior features a large bar area, an outdoor kitchen, and some outdoor seating with a TV. The ceiling is covered with stained wood, plus recessed lighting, pendant lights, etc. In other words, this luxury modern pavilion has everything you need to be the super-host you’ve always wanted to be!

caribbean vinyl modern pavilion with outdoor fireplace

Modern Pavilions Styles from Lancaster County Backyard

Caribbean Modern Vinyl Pavilion

The Caribbean is a modern vinyl pavilion with large, bold columns that eliminate most pavilions’ traditional curves and extra trimmings. The stately columns, large spans between each supporting column, the steeper roof pitch, and standing seam metal roofing all contribute to the modern pavilion vibe.

carribean modern pavilion

Montford Vinyl Pavilion

The Montford is a beautiful modern pavilion with stunning columns and large overhangs giving a contemporary feel to this pavilions design. This modern pavilion is neither flashy or flimsy, but is designed to give your landscape a regal and refined feel. Between the 8” square columns and the steep roof pitch, the Montford pavilion has it all. 

14x16 montford modern pavilion

Shoreline Vinyl Pavilion

The Shoreline is a classy, modern pavilion perfect for a sleek and contemporary backyard gathering. While this is our more basic model, the design is still relevant. Whether you need a modern pavilion as the centerpiece of your backyard landscape or that structure to make it feel complete, the Shoreline modern vinyl pavilion is here for you.

Extra Options for Modern Vinyl Pavilions from LCB

Electrical Package

When you include a standard electrical package with your pavilion design you will get the following. Additional receptacles can be add to other post upon request.


modern pavilion with ceiling and living area

Privacy Fence

In a more urban setting, installing privacy fence will give you a more secluded feel for your modern pavilion. You can either install fence connected to your pavilion posts, or alternatively, have privacy fencing installed outside and separate from your pavilion.


A fireplace is a quite popular addition to any pavilion, and adds the finish touch to any modern pavilion build. If you are interested in a fireplace, you will need to hire your own mason/contractor. In general, a basic stone fireplace will cost approximately $20-22k.

Modern Pavilions

Alternatives to the Modern Pavilion

If the modern vinyl pavilions don’t fit your style or match your backyard, you should consider a timber frame pavilion. While timber frame structures have been around for years, they still provide a viable modern pavilion option, albeit, with a rustic, contemporary flare. You can see our Timber Frame pavilion options here

Modern Pavilions…wrapping it up

For a pavilion that matches and fits into your contemporary backyard landscape, the modern pavilion is an incredible option to build your landscape design around. For more information about the pavilions offered by Lancaster County Backyard you can contact us or request your free quote today. Become a superhost today by investing in a modern pavilion. 

modern pavilions