The Benefits of a Timber Frame Pavilion with a Fireplace!

The beauty of a timber frame pavilion is only surpassed by a timber frame pavilion with a fireplace! Timber Frame Pavilions make a great outdoor entertainment area that provides protection from the direct sun or a rain shower while still providing plenty of airflow and unobstructed views of the surrounding landscape or pool. And when it comes to outdoor entertaining, having a fireplace is a great way to add class and beauty, making it the preferred gathering place in your whole backyard, bringing together family and friends.

timber frame pavilion with a fireplace

What is a Timber Frame Pavilion?

But what exactly do you mean by a Timber Frame Pavilion? Let’s start by defining the terms.

What is a Pavilion?

The basic definition of a pavilion is an outdoor structure used as a shelter in a park or backyard. Most pavilions only have a roof and no walls, allowing plenty of airflow through the pavilion while still giving protection from the sun or rain. 

What is Timber Framing?

Timber Framing is an age-old method of building using a system of mortise and tenon joints in heavy timber that interlock, providing a very solid and durable joint that is good for years. The oldest timber frame building still standing today is the Jokhang Monastery in Tibet which dates back to the 7th century. 

Why A Timber Frame Pavilion with a Fireplace? 

So why would you want to spend the extra cash on a Timber Frame Pavilion with a Fireplace? There really are so many reasons to invest in a timber frame outdoor structure. In addition to the beauty that Timber Frame Pavilions offer, adding a fireplace or campfire, is a great idea. And while timber frame pavilions are a more expensive route than basic wood or vinyl pavilion, you will get a high-end, stunning and regal structure that will last for a lifetime. 

And beyond the obvious benefits of having a classy pavilion in your backyard, building a Timber Frame Pavilion with a fireplace will even increase your home value, by increasing the curb appeal and even the livable square footage of your home.

20x40 tim & heather o'connell timber frame pavilion

Popular Add-ons to Timber Frame Pavilions

There are lots of ways to make your Timber Frame pavilion even more fun and personal. One of the best ways to do that is to include one or more of the popular add-ons or additional features. 

– Outdoor Fireplace

There is no better way to bring people together than around a fireplace, enjoying the warmth of the fire in the cool of the evening. And there are about as many fireplace options as people that want them. So whether it’s a stone fireplace that covers one entire wall, a simple brick fireplace as a feature on the end of the pavilion, or even a fire pit in the middle with a smoke hood and chimney, there is something for everyone.

– Outdoor Kitchen

The only thing that tops a fireplace, is probably a fireplace with an outdoor kitchen. Having a place to grill and prepare a meal, while enjoying the fresh air, and your backyard landscaping is a hard thing to beat. 

– Outdoor Living Area

A great way to finish off your timber frame pavilion, is by creating your own living space with patio furniture, chairs, and sofas, and maybe even your own outdoor TV, and watch the party happen. 

– More Ideas

There are lots of other things you can add-ons to complete your Timber Frame Pavilion with a Fireplace including. 

timber frame pavilion with a fireplace and living space

FAQs about Timber Frame Pavilions

What is the difference between a pergola and a pavilion?

The difference between a pergola and a pavilion is that a pergola is a yard or garden ornament with a lattice style roof, and a pavilion is an outdoor structure with a roof that provides protection from the sun and rain while still allowing plenty of airflow through the building.

Do Pavilions add value to your home?

A well-built pavilion is a great addition to your home landscaping and can actually add value to your home while improving the curb appeal and quality of your backyard. While not directly connected to your house, outdoor living space is becoming more and more popularly making a Timber frame pavilion in your backyard a valuable addition, especially when you include an outdoor kitchen or fireplace with it. 

What Timber Frame Pavilions Do We Offer?

denali timber frame pavilion

The Denali Timber Frame Pavilion

The Denali Timber Frame Pavilion features a distinctive hammer-beam split-truss design and is manufactured using #1 Douglas-Fir timbers.

  • Sizes: From 12×12 to 40×80
  • Warranty: 5 Year Limited Warranty
  • Prices: Starting at $18,500, includes built on-site in S.E. PA.

While there are plenty of cheaper options than a Timber Frame Pavilion, it is hard to compare the beauty that you get when you choose the time-tested Timber Frame Pavilion with a Fireplace. If a new pavilion is on your radar, and a timber frame pavilion sounds like something that you would perfectly complete in your backyard then give us a call today to get more info!

timber frame pavilion with a fireplace