What is the Purpose of a Pavilion

- April 28, 2022

Pavilions are stunning in its simplistic, modern, and inventive design. With its four to six post beams holding up its canopy shaped roof, a pavilion offers a sturdy and full shade area for optimal outdoor living and hosting!

Dating back as far as the 17th century and probably even farther back into history, the pavilion has appeared in many different forms and in many different countries across the world.

In America (and many other places globally), the pavilion stands as an invitation to sit, to relax, and to fellowship. 

what is the purpose of a pavilion

So, what is the Purpose of a Pavilion?

In a nutshell, a pavilion provides a comfortable area shielded from both the sun and rain where tables, chairs, and other outdoor furniture or furnishings can be set up for hosting and/or relaxation.

While the above offers a nutshell description of a pavilion purpose, let’s fully uncover the five main purposes of a pavilion.

The Five Purposes of a Pavilion


1.     Pavilions Offer Full Shade & Rain Coverage

While other outdoor structures, specifically a pergola, offer only partial shade, a pavilion provides full shade coverage. Pavilions are built with a canopy shaped roof that is fully enclosed. If you live in a particularly sunny area without any trees surrounding your backyard, a pavilion offers a gorgeous full shade solution.

Even in the heat of the day, with the full shade provided by a pavilion, you can enjoy sitting outdoors, especially if there is a pleasant breeze. Imagine the reprieve a pavilion offers after sun-bathing or swimming for hours in the hot sun.

Not only does a pavilion provide full shade coverage, but it also provides shelter from gentle and steady rains. If you are throwing a party or simply wishing for some fresh air to read a good book, no matter rain or shine, a pavilion provides a dry and comfortable place to sit or continue the celebration.

Nothing makes the outdoors more enjoyable during hot, sunny, or rainy, gray skied summer days than a shaded or dry spot to enjoy fresh air.

No other outdoor structure does this better than a pavilion.

pavilions offer full shade and rain coverage

2.     Pavilions Provide an Excellent Space for Hosting

A pavilion and hosting go hand in hand.

Just think about the times you have pulled into local park(s) and observed the pavilions packed with people, food, and balloons.

The beauty of pavilions nowadays is that they have evolved from being only recreational or commercial outdoor structures to personal backyard retreats and hosting centers. Built to fit your exact space needs and desires.

Backyard pavilions provide an excellent space for setting up a table, chairs, couches, and even an outdoor kitchen area.

Unlike gazebos and even pergolas, pavilions often are better designed to accommodate a bar, built-in grill, sink, and fireplace. The combination appears not only stunning, but also extremely practical due to the pavilion’s full shade and rain coverage.

Imagine roasting marshmallows in front of a crackling fire with the gentle pit pat of rain in the background on a cool spring evening. Invite your friends! They will not be able to resist!

With a pavilion in your backyard, you can enjoy hosting friends and family for meals, cookouts, and celebrations rain or shine.

 It seems to go without being said, if there is a pavilion, people will gravitate towards sitting and chatting underneath its welcoming shade and protection.

Pavilions provide a great spot for hosting

3.     Pavilions Enhance the Aesthetics of Your Backyard

Pavilions are stunning. Simple, modern, and classy. Pavilions come in three different material types.

1.      Wood – provides a timeless look and feel

2.      Vinyl – classy and modern and low maintenance

3.      Timber Frame – Undeniably rustic, yet modern and simply majestic

Regardless of whether you prefer a wood, vinyl, or timber frame pavilion, the effect and impact it will have on your backyard’s appearance will certainly delight you every time you look out your back window or door.

While pavilions are more simplistic and modern in design, they hold a regal bearing. They add a majestic presence to one’s backyard space. You can add lights, hanging or tastefully potted plants, and of course tasteful outdoor furniture to really enhance the beauty of a pavilion.

A pavilion in your backyard will inspire you to go outdoors more often. Especially if you add comfortable seating underneath its lovely roof.

Feeling good about your backyard space not only improves your level of outdoor happiness but also enjoyment!

A pavilion’s purpose is to add a level of charm and invitation to one’s backyard space that leaves a lasting impression on all.

pavilions enhance the enjoyment of your backyard

4.     Pavilions Add Value to Your Home

Pavilions also increase the desirability of your property. If you are hoping to resell your property one day, a tasteful backyard pavilion will increase your property value.

Especially, if you include a built-in fireplace and/or a kitchen area. Both are huge wow factors for potential buyers.

Plus, if you transform your pavilion into an extra living space with tasteful furniture and decorative touches, this action will help to increase its overall appeal and resell value.

5.     Pavilions Provide an Extra Living Space

One of the most delightful purposes of a pavilion is the opportunity to make it a comfortable and enjoyable extension of your own creative indoor design.

Whether you set up a dining table and chairs or a circle of comfy couches, you can incorporate your home’s style into its colors and setup. Or you can go for a completely unique look.

Either way, a pavilion offers a spot where you could throw down a rug, add cozy couches, a coffee table or two, incorporate a fireplace, a kitchen area, and almost forget you are not indoors. Just an extra living room, except with an uninhibited panoramic view of your lovely yard.

Indeed, pavilions offer the opportunity to extend your living space to the great outdoors in a way that few outdoor structures can thanks to its great sun and rain protection.

If your current home’s space is a bit cramped for hosting space (and especially if adding onto your home is not an option), you can count on a pavilion to offer that extra living space you always wanted.

Concluding What is the Purpose of a Pavilion

Hopefully the 5 purposes of a pavilion helped you to understand all that a pavilion offers you and your backyard space.

Pavilions are very popular outdoor structures thanks to their simple and modern appearance and compelling and inviting purposes.

pavilions are a great asset to any home

Ready to Invest in a Modern & Full-Shaded Outdoor Structure of Your Very Own?

Have the purposes of a pavilion convinced you that this lovely outdoor structure is the right fit for you and your backyard?!

If so, investing in a pavilion will fulfill your desires for a stunning outdoor gathering place and an even more spectacular looking backyard!

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