Timber Frame Pavilions Buy a stately, self-expressive structure. From the heart of Lancaster County.

The Natural Beauty of a Timber Frame

What’s so special about a timber frame pavilion? Popular construction methods tend to separate the strength and style of a building. It’s very common to build a structure and then cover it up with facade materials in order to make it “look good.” In a timber frame pavilion, on the other hand, there isn’t a single piece covered or hidden in order to promote a certain look.

The natural elegance and strength exuded by the heavy exposed posts and beams in a timber frame pavilion serve to illustrate the best of man’s creative use of nature. Rather than following the trends and fads in popular cheap building assembly, timber frame construction harkens to a time when men built to bring glory to God through mirroring the excellence and beauty of creation in their work.

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360 View of a timber Frame Pavilion

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What Are the Common Questions We Get?

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Are your timber frame pavilions made by hand?

We believe that quality workmanship comes from skilled carpenters. That is why our Amish craftsmen use simple tools to cut the timber frames. We do not use any CNC routers and computerized equipment to cut the pieces. Timber frames done by hand provide a more authentic and genuine pavilion.

Why do timber frame pavilions cost more than standard wood or vinyl pavilions?

The sheer amount of wood required for a timber frame construction makes it much more expensive than it’s wood or vinyl counterparts. Also, the mortise and tenon style of building requires a much higher level of engineering and expertise to complete. These factors combine to make a timber frame pavilion cost much more than standard wood or vinyl.

Can I place a pergola or pavilion on bare ground?

To place a pergola/pavilion on bare ground, you should first install concrete piers that mound just a bit above the surface of the ground. (for concrete pier details, see Answer to Q. Can I mount it on my paver patio?)