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Luxury Pavilions Designer in PA

Luxury Backyard Pavilions

Craft Exquisite Beauty in your backyard with an Ornate Luxury Pavilion designed and constructed to carve out space for magnificent backyard getaways. From ideas to installation, our dedicated team of outdoor living designers and builders work with landscapers and homeowners to create breathtakingly beautiful luxury pavilions built for your pleasure featuring wood and stone walls and pillars, kitchens, entertainment centers, and always, our quality and endurance guarantee.

A Custom Luxury Pavilion

Discover a place where luxury and leisure combine to create a dreamy living area next to the pool. In this Custom Luxury Pavilion built in Pennsylvania, our client sought for space to enjoy countless hours. Fully equipped with an outdoor refrigerator, tv, grill and fireplace, there will be no better place to spend your evenings in spring, summer and fall.

Luxury Poolhouse Pavilions in PA
Luxury Gazebo Pavilion Getaway for the Pool

A Place to Enjoy

We all need a place in our lives where we can relax and rejuvenate—a place to enjoy relationships with family and friends. Luxury Pavilions and Gazebos from Lancaster County Backyard provide that space for a perfect backyard getaway. Introduce Luxury to Your Outdoors.

Your workers were excellent, all three were totally professional and gentlemen. I really don’t see how you can improve on anything,
Frank Mazziotta, Berlin, NJ
The overall service and responsiveness by the Pequea team is very much at the top end of suppliers and contractors that I have dealt with”
Paul Valle, Valley Forge, PA