The Permanent Gazebo… An Extension of You and Your Home

the permanent gazebo strong lasting structure

Home is the place where you feel most comfortable. This is where you can be… you. Go ahead, prop up your feet. Loosen up. Let your hair down.

Interact with your loved ones. Build a romantic fire. Cook a great steak. Breathe deep.

Now take all that to the beautiful outdoors and surround yourself with a high class permanent gazebo. You can do all of the things mentioned above and more. Take the outside space you seldom use and transform it into an extension of your home. Think of a permanent gazebo as another room in (or rather outside of) your house.

You Have a Quality-Built House… Now You Need an Exceptional Permanent Gazebo.

When you built your house did you go to the contractor who had the lowest possible price? Of course not; if you had the house may no longer be standing. While shopping for price is understandable in some situations you should be more concerned with the value and craftsmanship involved in a quality-built house. Expect no less from one of our premium gazebos.

Sure, you could go to Lowe’s, spend a few hundred dollars, and throw a gazebo in your backyard but that’s not you. Your home reflects on who you are, and your permanent gazebo should do the same.

Hand Crafted: No Mass-Produced Gazebo for You.

Run your hand across the smooth wood. Feel the labor involved in bringing this work of art to completion. Solidly built using superior materials. One look and you’ll know this is THE gazebo of your dreams. You can already feel the summer breeze ruffle your hair as you work magic on the backyard grill.

But now, in your own gazebo world you’re protected from the harsh sun or the occasional shower trying to put a wet blanket on your outdoor activities. You may be in a gazebo, but you’re right at home, with quality craftsmanship surrounding you.

We can Build Your Permanent Gazebo to Match its Setting.

Make sure your backyard gazebo doesn’t reflect poorly on the rest of your property. A well-designed permanent gazebo will mesh well with your backyard, just like an extension to your house. According to the Landscaping Network, gazebos have fallen out of favor in recent years, partly because too little attention has been given to make sure a gazebo blends well with its surroundings. Time and attention must be given to place a gazebo strategically in its landscape.

There is no doubt that a gazebo can look good in any backyard provided it’s well built and attention is paid to its surroundings. A gazebo shouldn’t look like it was simply dropped (Lowe’s style) in the middle of the yard. Do you research, plan carefully, and don’t hesitate to reach out to our creative design team for a gazebo design that deeply compliments your backyard.

Consider the Best Surroundings for Your Permanent Gazebo.

Making sure your gazebo is pleasing to the eye can be as simple as blending the landscaping to fit the structure. Bringing in a professional landscaper will give you many options. If you would rather make it a DIY project take a look at the many options seen at From attaching your gazebo to your house to having a meandering path lead towards it, take an idea and make it your very own!

Another website, has more tips for positioning and landscaping around your dream gazebo.

A Permanent Gazebo with Unmatched Excellence. Top Notch Craftsmanship. Guaranteed Satisfaction. Almost 4 Decades of Experience.

Need we say more? We stand behind our workmanship with a five-year warranty. We’re dedicated to please you, the customer. Whether you want a romantic getaway or a place to party, we can build the gazebo that’s just right for you. We have a wealth of gazebo building experience… stop by our gazebo ideas page and get YOUR ideas in gear!