18×36 Oval Gazebo Project in Cincinnati, Ohio

In 2006 we played a small role in some of the big changes at Creation Museum in Cincinnati, Ohio with this 18×36 Oval Gazebo Project. This gazebo is huge, much bigger than most of our gazebo projects. Typically a small oval or octagon gazebo has around 50 square feet of floor space, or even less. Conversely, this gazebo has around 600 square feet of floor space, which is over ten times bigger than that of a typically smaller size.

This is an outstanding structure and a landmark at the Creation Museum. It is one of the six relaxing spots in the botanical gardens — a cool place to slow down and enjoy the surroundings. This significant structure is there to be enjoyed by one and all. View a 360-degree interactive photo sphere of the inside of this gazebo.

5 Outstanding Aspects of this 18×36 Oval Gazebo:

1. Surrounded by Beautiful Landscape

This wooden gazebo adds to the beautiful atmosphere of the botanical gardens located behind the Creation Museum building. Sitting at one end of the gardens, it overlooks the big pond and provides a sweeping and panoramic viewpoint of the garden scenery. It is one part of making and keeping the grounds beautiful. During the summer, with the flowers, greenery, calm clean water, and a relaxing environment, it is a great complement to a visit to this museum.

When we at Lancaster County Backyard built and installed this 18×36 oval gazebo, we designed it with the visitor experience in mind. With the addition of the gazebo, visitors can relax and enjoy the gardens more than ever. It also provides a place to ponder life — a viewpoint for opening the mind to creation’s natural beauty.

During the spring and summer, these botanical gardens are strikingly beautiful. The gazebo remains surrounded by rich and lush greenery. Flowers decorate the garden with a plethora of colors. The water calms the place with serenity. It is a place that demands a visit and a gazebo that begs for attention.

2. Blends with Seasonal Colors

While spring and summer are beautiful at the botanical gardens, so are the other seasons. Fall, for example, can be mesmerizing. During the fall the natural wood colors of the southern yellow pine lumber fit right in. Or it may be more accurate to say that the beauty of the wood grains come out. With its pine wood build and cedar shake roof, this giant piece of art harmonizes with the art of creation around it. A visit to the Creation Museum extends beyond the lectures and amazing exhibits from inside the building. It also provides an opportunity for experiencing the outdoors and seeing creation in its beauty, grace, and elegance. This gazebo is a great place to go and enjoy the amazing colors of nature.

3. Fits Special Events

The Creation Museum staff make use of this beautiful structure for special occasions. During the winter and the Christmas Season Celebration, they decorate the gazebo and make it a dazzling centerpiece sparkling with colors fit for the season. While this great centerpiece may be surrounded and decorated with natural beauty from spring to the fall, it is still an inspiring destination even in the winter-time. The Creation Museum staff works to make it spectacular all year round.

4. Provides an Excuse for Fun

The gazebo is a fun place for children and adults alike. It is a great place for kids to feed the fish and run off their extra energy while adults to relax and enjoy the scenery.

One of the best attractions nearby this phenomenal 18×36 oval gazebo is the exciting zip line. With over 600 feet of thrill, it is a must-do experience for everyone who loves adventure. Riders start at the beginning tower, fly over the big pond, take in the high-up view of the botanical gardens, and end up at this beautiful gazebo. Go ahead and try it for yourself.

5. Built with Solid & Quality Construction

For all our wood and vinyl gazebos we use quality materials. We use pressure-treated, #1-grade southern yellow pine and other quality components. The asphalt roofing we use, for example, is long-lasting shingles rated for 30-years of durability.

This construction was built to endure. With this huge 18×36 oval gazebo we engineered structural reinforcements to ensure the structure will last. We began with a welded steel platform placed on top of steel posts, guided into the pond floor until they were driven onto solid ground. Strong 2x10s then make up a strong foundation for the solid gazebo to rest on. The end product was a strong and beautiful structure and work of art.

The gazebo has lots of reinforcing and bracing. This includes bracing on the underside to keep the roof from sagging over time. It also includes numerous structural reinforcements to keep the whole structure strong and lasting for years.

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